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Mother and Daughter and Daughter and Mother
I’m sorry that I’m a jerk to you for no reason sometimes. I can’t really explain it except that people are jerks sometimes. And I am a people. Sometimes it’s a reaction to something you’ve done, but on those days where I am just, well, a jerk to you please understand this: I will try to make it up to you on those occasions. I’m still learning you. You are a whole, entire, full person and you have your way of thinking and learning and it’s not the same as me. I forget that sometimes and also the fact that you’re four years old. You’re learning this big, wide world for the first time and I need to give you a pass when it becomes overwhelming.
And I promise that I will never stop learning you. All about you. I want to know everything. What’s your favorite color, dinosaur, book? What’s your favorite part of the day and the least favorite? What does sunshine smell like to you?
I hope you find your voice in this world and USE it. Even if it’s against me, I hope you tell me everything and I hope you know that nothing you say or do could ever change the way I feel about you. I’ve got you. I will support you no matter what. My support may not look or feel the way you want it to, but, believe me, it’s there.
Remember please that we are all human, we all make mistakes and we all have our faults. Please embrace yours as much as your accomplishments, triumphs and successes because they are equally important to building you.
Please do your best and always try. You can decide after you’ve tried whether or not it’s for you. It’s okay to give up but please always try. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from trying whatever it is that interests you. Even if, ESPECIALLY if it doesn’t conform to society, someone else’s idea of you, tradition, expectations. You are the only one that decides what’s right for you.
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