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Inspiration in crime? Yeah, mine is not really crime-ish in nature. But I need your review
I've gone through seas and oceans
Passed through chaos and confusions
Wandering up and down in my own decision s
The life Of a badman is a great fun

First in form of a little spoilt brat
A gentle child to her mother from the scratch
Not knowing he's a ragging cat
Ready to dispatch any trespassing rat

Then in form of a street star
No more in any form a little brat
But now a rugged Gangsta
Looking for some viperz to give a driveby

Now in the city, I'm a kingpin
In the COP's base my name is ringing
'Dem Police sorting out ways to stop me'
But lo! The crimester is reigning

In prisons, man, I'm still a Don
Crime's a bad thing but I'm still in for some
Go your ways, don't join me in my runz
Life of a badman is a great fun!!!
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