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by Norman
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2255464
She has a certain swagger
Nothing’s quite as sexy as
A gal in a hardhat
Now you may say that’s funny but
I really do think that

A woman who can handle any
Job just like a man
When she is told she can’t do it
She shows you that she can

She has a certain swagger and
She holds her head up high
She always gets the job done or
She gives it her best try

You must admit she’s something else
Acknowledge her command
In fact you should admire her
‘Cause she deserves a hand

And I just find it sexy when
She puts on that hardhat
(Okay, I have a fetish but
There’s nothing wrong with that)

And I am lucky, yes I am
As lucky as can be
‘Cause when the work day is all done
Then she comes home to me

And when the day turns into night
And we head off to bed
My Hannah only wears a smile
…and hardhat on her head

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