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Daily Flash Fiction 7/27/21 W/C 295

Sock Puppets

Molly made puppets out of socks. The grandchildren were coming over to play. Sock puppets always made her smile as a child, perhaps this would help the afternoon go faster.

Shelby was afraid of anything with a mask, so the time she made clown dolls was a disaster.

Harley broke all the balloons within an hour the one time the nicest helium balloons were made. Each balloon had a picture specially chosen for each child. That was a waste of $30.

Then the time she made homemade play-doh, mercy sakes. Axel ate most of it. The dog found the rest and ended up at the vet.

So, puppets out of socks. How much trouble could they cause with this idea?

Jennifer pulled up, shepherded the kiddoes into the house.

“Gotta run, mom. Good luck. Shelby and Harley are feeling kinda punky. Axel is just being Axel. They didn’t really want to come, but I have to go to work. Love you!”

Off she drove, leaving grandma with the three little urchins. Wonderful, Molly thought.

“Okay, guess what? I made some puppets. We’re going to have a puppet show later,” Molly said with a perky smile.

“I gotta puke.” And Shelby did. All over the entry. Shelby was down. Harley did the sympathy puke, so she was down. Axel stood watching his sisters.

“I’m hungry. What’s for lunch?” he asked as I cleaned up.

“Tell you what, Axel, let me get these two to bed, then we’ll get some lunch.” Molly threw towels in the washer, placed Shelby and Harley in the spare bedroom with a wastebasket, and grabbed the sock puppets.

Axel and grandma ate soup, then had a puppet show. The king and queen ruled the kitchen kingdom while the princesses slept.

W/C 295

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