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Finding your Destiny
Her bright golden hair shone fell to her waist and shone so brightly. Then the sun fell upon it and the red tint made a glorious sight. I didn’t lose my heart, but my breath was taken away.

Have you ever been there? A face of beauty such as dreams are made of. Hair that holds the light of the sun. Eyes of emerald.

Your picture may be blonde or brunette, eyes of chocolate or cerulean. She may be short or tall, thin or thick. But no matter the combination you dream when you find her the world stands still. No one else matters or even exists. She is yours, your world, your breath and perhaps she one day she will be your darling.

Billions live on this planet yet only one completes us. Too often we search for this treasure but we cannot force destiny. There is a time and place when we come face to face with one another. Grow not weary nor scramble haphazard for you for you may inflict pain on yourself and another.

We have a fate awaiting us. We will meet. With patience we bide our time. With willingness to endure the days we can discover our destiny.
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