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Memory of a family get together at Grandma's house one summer.
Summer time, and the living is easy.
A favorite day well remembered and cherished.

Childhood memories, acting all crazy.
Times not forgotten; people have perished.

Sitting on Grandma's front porch, relaxing.
Out in the country in Osage County,
Watching the wind through tall grass blowing.
Bees buzzing, and various birds in plenty.

Family talking, gathered together.
Listening to the locusts sing their song.
Everyone lazy due to the summer weather.
School back in session, won't be long.

In the kitchen, Grandma's cooking.
Dad and uncles talking ‘bout hunting.
Mom and aunts at the flowers are looking.
Off in a distance, flies are humming.

Me and my cousins playing with toys
Thankful there’s a breeze on this hot summer day.
“Dinner will be ready soon!” says the boys.
Oh, how I long to again visit those days.

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