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A brief introduction to Ooze farming.
Everyone who is anyone already knows all about Oozes but the teacher said I had to write a report on it anyway so here goes.

1. Ooze eats rock. It loves rock with lots of metal in them, but any rock will do.
2. Ooze poops metal, coal, ice, and dry ice.
3. Ooze bubble-burps gases like helium, oxygen, and nitrogen. It keeps the other gases to help to make more of itself.
4. Ooze needs to be supplied with lots of microwaves at just the right frequency to give the power that it needs to eat rock and change it into more ooze and other stuff that we want.
5. Ooze keeps growing until it runs out of the power that it needs to break down the rock with acids, bases, and grinding.
6. Ooze can't be eaten by humans. It is made of stuff that would kill us, plus it smells like rotten eggs.
7. Ooze can't get too hot or it melts. It has to stay colder than ice or it would start to boil and melt away.
8. Ooze can be guided with microwaves and that is how we carve our way down in a spiral to leave as much support and livable area as possible.
9. Ooze is based on Silicon, Hydrogen, and Fluorine mostly.
10. Ooze can be used to make tunnels as small as half a meter for pipes and ducting.

My family lives on the moon and our little air mine is able to supply all of the atmo requirements for the entire North Polar Research Station. We have one square kilometer of the surface covered in light harvesters that charge the whole system with enough extra that we can grow some exotic food for extra money in the station.

Our home station is growing fast now that we have many levels completed and have food vats pumping out stuff to be freeze-dried. Dad thinks that we should be able to pay off the mortgage by this time next year with just the exotics alone. He wants to buy a few more KMs of land up here on the north end and try to automate the whole thing.

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