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by Rinku
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Nature's moment shield in Spring season

Purple White Dancing Spring

Trees Oozing out in rich purple white,

Leaving lingering smell of early Spring.

Purple pied beauty ‘Kopou’ or foxtail orchid,

Reflects as if a tail

Of multiple peacocks ready to make

Fragrant move,

As soft Spring wind

Moves the purple white curvy tail

Creeping from the tree branches,

Fertile essence the purple white Kopou

Sits on the red maiden

Draped in golden,

Taking to Bihu move

As toes are unstoppable

To the distance drum beats

Calling in matting joy

Nature elevates with joyful

Dancing movements of Kopou in Spring.

By Sumi Borah

Summary :

Enter of Spring the bloom of Kopou or foxtail orchid with multiple purple spotted white flowers welcomes the beautiful season. Kopou locally known as purple white orchid flower is also known as foxtail as it resembles to fury like tail of fox. Closely if we introspect we can resemble each flower of foxtail as peacock with raising tail ready to dance. Usually a peacock dances when it raise its tail spotted with colorful feathers.

Kopou is planted or naturally grows on trees. As spring enters the entire nature becomes appealing with Kopou on trees dancing to and fro as soft Spring wind plays on it, carrying its fragrant smell to fro distance in the air. Filling the entire domain of it in rich fragrance.

Purple white Kopou resembles to fertility due to its medicinal value. The young girls clad in red top and bindi on forehead, drapes in golden silk attire. Prepares for Bihu dance in group as the boys play enchanting drumbeats, pepa and cymbals the young ladies cannot resist from joining them. Bihu dance of Assam is in the welcome of spring and matting.

Bihu dance is conducted everywhere in Assam, where purple white Kopou is mandatorily observed by ladies to wear it on their hair bun to appeal their partners. At this sight of dancing purple white Kopou or foxtail orchid even the nature’s sight elevates during Spring. The season Spring is personified as a dancer in purple white. The sight of Kopou recollects to Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem “Pied Beauty”
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