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An American Musical Comedy, "Pitch Perfect 3", was released in the United States on December 22, 2017. It was written by Kay Cannon and Mike White, and Trish Sie was the director. The principal photography began in Atlanta, Georgia on January 17 and ended on April 2017. Mixed reviews were received by critics and it grossed $185 million worldwide. Behind its predecessor, it became the second-highest musical comedy of all time. Elizabeth Banks, Paul Brooks, and Max Handleman were the producers.

The film stars are as follows:

Anna Kendrick Anna Camp
Rebel Wilson Brittany Snow
Hailee Steinfeld Hana Mae Lee
Esther Dean Chrissie Fit
Alexis Knapp

John Lithgow Matt Lanter
Ruby Rose Kelley Jakle
Shelley Regner John Michael Higgins
Elizabeth Banks

Two years after graduating from college, the Bellas are reuniting to do one final performance during an overseas USO Tour. They all hate their jobs. Between the second and third film, Beca and Jessie's relationship ended; Bumper and Amy's relationship didn't last long either, which only made matters worse. After arriving at the reunion, they learned that Emily only invited them there to see the new Bellas, not sing. Later, the disappointed Bellas gathered at a bar to express how much they missed each other. Hoping that her father sees, Aubrey convinces them to join a USO tour.

Emily is filling in for Stacie, who is eight months pregnant. The Bellas are greeted by liaisons' soldiers, Chicago and Zeke, when they arrive at the base in Rota, Spain. They meet with three other bands, including the mean-spirited female quartet, "Ever Moist." The others used their musical instruments to make the Bellas feel off. Chloe begins to fall for Chicago. Fergus (also a ruthless international crime lord), is Amy's estranged father, who has found her at the hotel, she learned later. Amy is invited to a poker tournament, while the Bellas are invited to a party at D J Khaled's suite. Fergus was begging Amy to be a part of his life, and when she began to believe that he had changed, Amy found out that the tournament turned out to be a ruse.

Theo, D J Khaled's music producer, developed a friendship with Beca, who impressed him when he saw how easily she had produced a mix of her own singing on Khaled's editing equipment. Aubrey accidentally starts a fire moments later, when the party is thrown into chaos. While the Bellas are wallowing in disgrace, Stacie invigorates them by calling them with news that she has given birth to her daughter, Bella. Back on the tour, the Bellas perform to adoring crowds. While Fergus and Amy are gradually making up, he accidentally reveals that he's only trying to acquire her US$180 million offshore account created by her mother, causing her to disown her father. In the meantime, D J Khaled asks Beca to open for him without the other Bellas. She politely declines the offer and returns to her room and doesn't tell the group what was asked of her.

As an attempt was made to manipulate Amy, the Bellas were abducted and taken aboard Fergus's yacht; this didn't include Beca and may. When Beca and Amy learned about the kidnapping, they snuck aboard the yacht. As a way to distract Fergus, Beca leads the Bellas in a performance of "Toxic", while Amy sets up and detonates a bomb. The Bellas escape the yacht, and Fergus is later arrested. After the Bellas are rescued by the military, Amy reveals to the others about D J Khaled's proposition to Beca. Agreeing that it's time for them to move on with their lives, they encourage her to take the chance. They all know that they will stay connected to each other as a family. At the USO's final performance, Beca opens for D J Khaled, then brings the Bella's on stage to sing their final performance "Freedom! '90."

When the Bellas originally competed, Gail and John, their announcer's, filmed a Bella documentary, only to be appalled when John realizes that he didn't record the Bellas final performance. Now, the Bellas are improving:

Amy uses her new bankroll for tributes to singers named Amy.

Aubrey works as a birthing coach.

Flo's juice cart becomes an international brand.

Chloe gets into vet school.

Cynthia Rose enlists in the USAF flight school.

Emily returns to Barden and to her songwriting.

Lilly revealed that she was quiet because she was possessed by Satan; the bomb snapped her out of it. Her
name is Esther and she starts a relationship with D J Dragon Nutz.

Aubrey reconnects with her father.

Chloe and Chicago become an item.

Beca is now Theo's boss.

I want to add that the fight scene with the Chef, with her dad, and a few others, was impressive. I didn't think that someone the size of Fat Amy could throw punches like she did.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, July 29, 2021

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