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by Norman
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He never did find dollar bills
He spied a penny on the ground
but then he passed it by.
What is a penny worth today?
He shrugged and let it lie.

And then a nickel caught his eye.
He stopped and gave it thought.
But five cents never helped him out
on anything he bought.

And as he walked on down the block
he saw a shiny dime.
Perhaps he should have reached on out
and picked it up this time.

But ten cents wouldn’t buy him much
so he just went his way.
If he could find some dollar bills
well, that would make his day.

You know what happened next, of course,
a quarter lying there,
just waiting for a guy like him
as if it were a dare.

He didn’t fall for that old trick;
he didn’t even bite.
He passed it by without a thought
as you would think he might.

He never did find dollar bills;
he’s not the lucky kind.
But yet he passed by all those coins,
the ones that he did find.

How many treasures did he miss
when searching for the best?
You have to wonder what he lost
by passing up the rest.

And that’s the story of his life.
He never found romance.
He waited for the biggest prize
… and never took a chance.

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