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by Ridzee
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Chapter 17.. Time to take off
Shin Myung Wook took Kim Jae-In into the bathroom and shut her mouth tightly. She was trying to free herself and was almost succeeded, but, at the same time, they realized the door was about to open and also heard some voice from outside. Shin Myung Wook grabbed her hand and took her into the toilet with the speed of light.

"Hey! Leave me." She was trying to jerk his hand. "Sh! Calm down and stop making noise." He put his hand on her lips and whispered. "If they heard us then it will be not good for us." After saying that he took off his hand. Her eyes widen because it was a really dangerous and weird situation. If caught, it means her reputation will destroy in seconds. So, she decided to cooperate with him because there was no other choice.

"I will teach you a lesson after we get out of here." Grind her teeth and glared. "Sh! Shut your mouth." He said as low as possible. Meanwhile, the group of boys entered the restroom. They were making noise and having fun with each other. They were talking about random girls which Kim Jae-In and Shin Myung Wook listening. "Pervert." Shin Myung Wook murmured. Kim Jae-In looked at him with goggle-eyed.

Suddenly Kim Jae-In a familiar voice who was talking about her best friend Min Eun Bi so, she could not resist anymore,
but tried to push Shin Myung Wook and go out but, he closed her mouth and hold her hands from the backside. "Why do not you understand? If we're caught like this neither you nor I can explain this situation." After listening to him Kim Jae-In calm down herself and sighed.

Someone knocked at the door, a boy from the group opened the door. "Do you guys spend your all night in there?" Someone said from outside the restroom. "No, no, Professor we are just going?" They all walked out one by one. Shin Myung Wook and Kim Jae-In heard everything so, after a few seconds they decided to go out.

"Shh! You stay here I have to see is path clear for us or not." He slowly opened the door and look around. When he found that there is nobody he quickly grabbed her hand and in a speed of flash he took out her from the restroom and left her at the door and ran so fast.

But unfortunately, he strikes. "Ouch! Sorry, sir." He bowed but when he lifted his head and saw the person, his jaw dropped. "Myung Wook, What are you doing?" Professor Shin Jong Suk asked with surprise. "Fa, father," He was trembling with fear. "I said, what are you doing here and what happened to you? Why are you running? Who is following you? " He said in anger.

"I, I was just," Could not complete his sentence, his father grabbed his hand and took him to the corner. "You always disappointed me with your behavior. I could not trust you Myung Wook." Disappointingly "Go get in the car." Pointed his hand to the gate. "But, father," Shin Myung Wook hesitatingly said. "I said go, get in the car." Yelled. "Okay." Pulled his head down and slowly walked away.

The party ended at 9 pm and everyone left.

Kim Jae-In was taking off her jewelry and thinking about the incident that happened earlier. "Why are we always met like this?" Put her earring in the drawer and closed it. "O no!" Slam her hands on the dressing table. "it was the second time and the same thing happened, I could not able to say sorry to him."

At the professor's house. A car stopped at the door, Shin Myung Wook get off of the car and quickly walked into the house. He rapidly went to his room and locked the door, after a few minutes professor entered and looked at Shin Myung Wook room's door but he did say anything and sat on the couch. He dialed a number and started talking with some.

The next morning, Kim Jae-In's phone starts ringing. "Hello." In drowsy voice. "Hello, Miss Jae-In." Someone said. Although she just awoke from her sleep but immediately she recognize the person, "Oh my manager." She said with a smirk. "Yes, Miss, it's me." Park Jin Kyung politely replied. "Miss, please be ready on time. We have to leave for the airport on time." He said but she interrupted, "Yeah, yeah." after saying that she cut the call.

She threw her blanket on the floor and got up from her bed and went to the bathroom to get ready. At the breakfast table her parents waiting for her. "Jae-In." Her father called out then he saw that she is coming from the stairs with her bag. This moment breaks their hearts into billion pieces. They hardly control their emotions but they have to sway their feelings.

"Mom, Dad, " She put the spoon beside the rice bowl and turned her gaze to them. " Do not worry about me, I will come back soon because this is the place where I belonged." Gave a smile and stood up and walked to her

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