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Back in the time of shepherds and sheep, Jordie sat beside a rock wall playing his handmade flute. Shrill bird-like tones drifted over the wooly bodies in his charge.

He spent most days watching and guarding his flock of sheep. Rams, ewes, lambs, all under his watchful gaze. They calmly grazed as he played.

One day a little creature wandered by. Jordie stopped playing, questioned this beast.

“Hey, there! What are you doing coming by here? I have sheep. You need to leave.”

The little furry animal stopped, glanced at the sheep, then back to Jordie. Now in these days, animals could talk to humans.

“I’m all alone. I mean no harm. I thought I could be of help. I could watch the sheep with you. All I ask in return is a warm house, some food from your plate, and a kind word now and again,” the beast stated as it sat at Jordie’s feet.

All the sheep gathered before Jordie. Ram spoke.

“We have decided that this animal could be your helper. We would respect it as we respect you. That is our decision.”

The sheep scattered, went back to grazing, now confident they had two guards.

“Never have I seen your type friendly towards sheep. I will allow you to stay. But you have to solemnly swear to uphold the shepherd’s rule.”

“I agree. Tell me the rules, and I will obey. You will be my master.” The beast remained at Jordie’s feet, watching every move.

Jordie spent the afternoon explaining the rules of the sheepherder. He named the little beast Shep-herd, to signify that this animal was now a guardian of the sheep.

Wolf dog named Shep-herd spent the rest of his age with the sheep.

W/C 300

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