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one of those days

Lumpy oatmeal kind of day -
where it is getting cold and your mom
tell you to hurry up and eat it, so you do,
and then it sits like a boulder in your stomach
and all you want to do is lie down
but the first class of the day is gym.

Stereo overload kind of day
where you are centered
in a room full of speakers
and each one is playing a different song
and all of them are on max volume
and there is no off switch.

You run away from the maddening melee
and try to take a nap. You sleep but
have stress dream after stress dream
or monsters are fighting over your innards
or you are locked in a room full of
angry bees, hairy spiders, and thirsty mosquitos.

Feeling sad without a reason,
wanting to curl up and cry,
but don't know why and nothing
is getting done and none of it will go away.
Even the thought of putting it all off
until tomorrow is daunting.

I need a hug.

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