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by Romy
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It is important to move on to achieve a form of contentment.
Rosemary Szablewicz
48 Zachary Way
Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856
July 19, 2021
Revised 7/20, 21, 23
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They Are No Longer Here

Many of them are gone. In the beginning there were more pairs than singles.

Not intentionally looking for a new beginning, but mainly because it appeared the time had come to make a change. Unsure as to what to find or expect, they migrated to the new location. At first it appeared to be all generals. However, it was soon discovered that privates, as well, were needed to form a thriving, successful community. There were many difficulties encountered with regard to the lay of the land and the individual habitats. Also, there seemed to be a pecking order which caused some infighting. In time, this too was resolved as more of like-temperament folks arrived. With everyone working together, a calmness prevailed in the populace. Considering the various personalities, the new denizens worked as one.

As the years passed, and ever so slowly, a transformation came upon the flourishing collective. First it was one, then two and three and so on. The pairs were becoming single entities. The majority of which were female.
Attempting to soothe the pain of the surviving parent, the offspring cared for and spent time with the lone parent. Eventually, the heart-piercing pain of losing the other half of the couple eased. Life continued, smiles returned, and new friends were made.
Nevertheless, the loss of the spouse left a hole in the survivor’s being. Living can be simultaneously cruel and merciful because as the heart is breaking into miniscule parts, survival insists on taking over forcing the solitary half to carry on.

As I look around the over 55 years of age close-knit neighborhood these many years later, it is not difficult to notice that many of the original male inhabitants have been taken as a result of various illnesses. Friends, with a know-it-all tone in their voice, have commented to me, “well that’s what happens when you live in an age-restricted community regardless of how active people are”. My response is, “that at my age, most of my friends ARE over 55.” We have no guarantee on the length of our lives. And this is the reason, I believe, why we all should live as well as we can and to the best of our abilities.

Recently, I have noticed that there has been another migration to this small and friendly over 55 commune. The new neighbors are mostly women. This observation appears to be a sad viewpoint. However, I am here to tell you, it is not. The impression and lasting remembrance are the resilience human nature displays in perpetuating the inner strength we all possess and can utilize to survive.

Yes, it is true that many of the original circle of friends are gone. Hopefully to a place of serenity. Nonetheless, those who have joined us in our over 55

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