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by rin <3
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this poem is about how society reflects on people.
The smile of a child.

It sends a chill down one’s spine and makes another laugh.

I’d like to mix that with society’s broken rules that you should follow.

They sure do make me laugh.

The dress codes at school that stand for nothing but a man’s pride.

The strange looks apon a boy who has weird lumps and bruises.

The whispers on the subway of a person simply trying to sit.
The loud headaches that feel like shit.

The automated responses to rude comments or words.

The love and the hate between the people of higher power.

It rings to the towns below in awe and leaves a little sting wherever you go.

That sting represents society and it’s fucked up roles.

You get used to it over time but it’s still always there.

There to stare.

There to see.

And there to judge.

And that is how things work ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in-between.

The rules and roles of society.
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