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 Wednesday, August 04, 2021
           As of today, everything here is new! One of the assignments for "Rising Stars Summer Camp is to create a guestbook, and I want to lean into that, to make something interactive and lasting. Think of it as a table of contents of my perception to my portfolio. Sure, it’s open to the public, and you’re free to explore at your own leisure, but sometimes I wanna grab a headset and listen to the guided tour.
           Please, feel free to meander. I can’t imagine I’m interesting at all, but I like reading the processes of other writers, to know what was in their minds as they created a certain piece…I like receiving responses explaining a piece when I do reviews. It’s fun to recognize what I do in what others do…it makes the craft of writing feel more accessible, more human, especially when I feel as if I’m going crazy when The Universe is throwing so many new philosophies and ideas. It’s nice to take a breath, to understand we all have our mountains, to see other humans clinging to both the magic and the mundane.
           For today specifically, however, I’m working on a map for my works, and that can be found here: "Map to Rhymer’s Port. It’s bare for now, but in the coming days, I’ll add some content and notes. Also, I’ll be adding pages for various interests…there are too many good writers here, too many strong pieces to have only five highlighted of other writers. There are too many I want to put up as my favorites with reasons why ("Writers and Works). And I’ll add a place for previous updates ("Previous Updates) an in-depth bio ("About Rhymer).
           Click the little plus sign at the top of the heading until you see a megaphone, and you’ll be notified as I make updates…and maybe I can learn to become comfortable with exposing myself a little more without feeling ike I’m intruding on others. Drink as you will, if you will. Also, I’m awkward. Welcome to my world!
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