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A super quick poem ... you know the type that just materialise from thin air.
I closed my eyes, I dared to dream,
No longer afraid of the things unseen.
Dark distant shadows soon disappeared,
I'd stolen their power, I no longer feared.

I climbed the mountain, I reached its peak,
Moved by the moment, no need to speak.
Inner strength, and sheer determination
Rewarded by the sun's glorious salutation.

Morning sunlight filled the air,
My life's purpose laid honestly bare.
No longer hidden in gratuitous shame,
No longer imprisoned in ego's malicious game.

Accepting myself is key to success,
No excuses, nothing more, nothing less.
Perfectly imperfect, just as I am,
Starting anew, I reset, reprogram.

A blank page, a new slate,
It's never too early, never too late.
To begin afresh, to start anew,
Remaining authentic, staying true.

Take the risk, it's worth the fall,
Without that step, you'll never soar.
So spread your wings and take to flight,
Embrace your gifts, and shine your light.
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