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Akemi is like other teenage girls... except that she's a shapeshifter.
Akemi was your typical teenage girl. She was Japanese and lived with her adoptive family in America. She was popular and a straight-A student. She had short black hair, chocolate brown eyes, and skin that was milk-white. She typically wore a shirt with a jacket, jeans, and a pair of boots.

There was just one strange thing about Akemi. You see, at random times. Aiko would transform into a random fictional character or alternate versions of herself, including her clothes metamorphizing. Sometimes in the middle of the night, and sometimes she'd change shape at school.

The transformations only lasted for a day, with the next being relatively normal. But they almost always caused chaos in one way or another for Akemi and those around her.

Today, while she was finishing up her morning shower and changed into her clothes, it happened.

Her skin started to shift, changing from human flesh to some sort of metal, colored red and black. "Oh no..." she muttered to herself, and she looked into a body-length mirror to get a better look at herself. She had turned into Windblade, a Transformer. "Why now?... Thank goodness it's a weekend."

Akemi's adopted mother then found her. "Akemi, have you seen... before eight? Really?"

"We both know this is random mom, time included," Akemi said.

"So who are you this time? Robot samurai or something?" Akemi's mother asked.

"Windblade, I'm a robot geisha who can turn into a VTOL jet," Akemi said as she looked herself over.

"Really? Can you turn into the jet?" Akemi's mother asked.

"I'm not sure." Akemi then pulled out Windblades sword. "Though I've got the weapon."

"Anyway, have you seen the twins anywhere?" Akemi's mother asked.

"I think they're watching TV," Akemi said as she felt her new robotic body.

"Thanks, Akemi... and don't feel yourself too much you'll go blind that way," Akemi's mother said as she left.

Akemi just rolled her eyes. "Mom... you worry far too much about me," she said to herself. "Still... can I access vehicle mode?" Akemi went outside and took a deep breath. She then turned into a VTOL jet. "Yes... I can, and I intend to make the most of this." She then went flying around her neighborhood, yelling with joy at the exhilaration.


The following Monday. Akemi met up with her best friend, Sally. "Akemi! How was your weekend?" Sally asked as she hugged the shapeshifting teen.

"I turned into Windblade on Saturday. Flew around," Akemi said. Akemi looked around the busy schoolyard, then saw a boy. "Oh my- you think he sees me?"

"Nope, Yancy is looking at his phone like always," Sally said. "Why do you even care about-" She then noticed that Akemi's skin was shifting in appearance, turning orange. "Really? Before eight?"

"It's random, and you know it, Sal!" Akemi said as she morphed into Ahsoka Tano, specifically in the character's Season 7 outfit. "And just my luck, it's picture day."

"Well, you'll still look the best out of all of us," Sally said. "Oh, here comes Yancy!"

Indeed, Yancy was coming. He looked anxiously at Akemi. "Hi, Yancy," Akemi said, waving shyly at him. "You... you might not remember me. Or even recognize me. We have Mrs. Kwalski's algebra class. I'm Akemi."

"Hi... I'm Yancy." Yancy said awkwardly. "I heard there was a girl who could... well. I didn't believe it but. Seeing you here as one of my favorite cartoon characters. That's true."

"Yeah... this has been happening for as long as I can remember. Even before I was adopted by the O'Malley's... well enough about me," Akemi said awkwardly. "Why don't you tell me a little about yourself?"


"So how was school today?" Akemi's father asked as Akemi, with a horse torso under her human torso trudged home.

"Exhausted... you think spending the whole day as a centaur would've helped with that," Akemi said as she fell on the couch. She then shifted back to her human self, short black hair, chocolate brown eyes, and milk-white skin, her shirt with a jacket, jeans, and boots. "You know, it's sometimes nice to be someone else. But I'm happy being me," she said contentedly.

"I thought that you turn into people. You don't become them," Akemi's father pointed out.

"Dad, I just spent the last eight hours trying to walk with an extra pair of legs." Akemi then turned on the tv. "Cut me a break... please."

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