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It's tough being a not quite human adopted by a Dragon oh and a kingdom wants to kill you
         With wild white hair and pale skin the young woman walks the massive hall in a hurried manner confused at all why 'she' would be summoned. It wasn't as if she had any importance among the Dragons being no more than an orphan that Doar, the King of Dragons enjoys calling his daughter. The fact that she had been raised human, in the human world only to discover she is not had been a unique surprise in itself. Still she had no importance and preferred it that way. The Master's servants had directed her to proper court attire though she wondered where it was they had acquired human clothing on this side of the veiling but certainly there were many halflings and hodge-podge like her who couldn't go around naked after all. Though, she cursed when the gown caught in her shoe, where did they find a gown? Or who had dug up the bodies to adorn her fingers with jewels?
         "Hello Set." A tall white maned demon smiled at her as she stumbled along trying to race to the court. "Need some help?"
         Nashi was often on hand convinced he is necessary when in fact he is not. Glaring she suddenly remembers the spell he taught her and decides to cast it for flight rather than her own clumsy footsteps. "Can you alter the fabric of time and return me to my clan?" she asks in annoyance as he floats just as speedily and more stable toward the Hall of Dragon.
         "I am only a Demon heir. And if I could I'd do it to change your fate and mine not send you back to those fools who raised you as a human." he reminds her.
         Wishing she had time to further their frequented argument she regrets many of the choices that have led them both to this weirdling life behind the veil. "I should like to go through the Syessa soon." she tells him eager to pass the Mountains into the human world.
         With a knowing wink he agrees. "Already bored of court and eager for battles again?"
         They had fought together in the worst of circumstance. Sometimes against each other, others for each other. She barely understood why the demon heir remains currently at the Court of Monsters when the last war had been over some time now. "The Twin Blade is my home even if it is not my people. I like the human world. There are more wars to battle and fewer Lords and Kings to demand my presence."
         "You should take aim at the Demon Kingdom, return with me and learn something more of our kind." he tells her just as they reach the doorway.
         Set tilts her head pretending to consider the offer. "Since what I know of my demon roots is that rather than raise an imperfect child my father chose to toss me from a cliff, I think I'll pass on ever going to the demon realm."
         Nashi glares from his red lined eyes with anger but says nothing. It does little good to bicker with her when she is right. Set pushes through the doorway still floating above the floor dragging a train of dress behind her. Annoyed she wanders between the gatherers and looks about for the source of her summoning.
         A small, squat, toadish creature stands below the dais looking very impatient. The Dragon King turns his fiery brow to her and has a look of interest upon her shadowing companion. "It is convenient you have come as well Prince Nashi."
         One look at the toady and Nashi grumbles. "Crap."
         Set raises an eyebrow at him. "Prince? This is something to do with you?"
         "No it is entirely to do with you - Daughter of Dragons." The Toad starts yammering about the actions of reparations against the Seventh House of Lords. He hops about on three toed feet gape jawed.
         "Shut up." she spells her fingers and the toady's mouth snaps shut as she takes a calming breath. "Someone please explain why I am to suffer this thing."
         "Speak Fivol." Nashi counters her spell and the toad starts going on again.
         "Quiet little snot." she respells.
         Nashi starts to remove the spell then smiles. "I can do this all day."
         "He's irritating. Reminds me of your cook." Crossing her arms, Set sighs. Just where had that mean blind chef gotten to lately?
         "If you are both done...?" The Dragon King asks as Fivol is hopping about silent but angry. "Good. It seems that the Seventh House has demanded the return of their prince and has made accusation that I harbor the murderous malcontent who has slaughtered the Heir Apparent."
         With minor interest Set nods along then squishes her face into a scowl at the last part. "What a pack of trumped up charges!" she starts after the Toad who realizes his danger and he hops out of her reach. "I'll rip off your legs and fry them for my dinner!"
         Fivol flees to behind Nashi for protection. Convinced she can reach the little troublemaker she tries to snatch him back. They dash back and forth as the demon tries not to be injured between them. Nashi groans as he is nearly knocked over by the action. "Set, he is just the messenger. It isn't his fault you don't approve of his message."
         "I should have known you'd take his side." Set rolls her eyes, crosses her arms and looks away. "If it wasn't for me you'd all be Monster meat right now! Including that Demon heir. You know the one that tried to kill me first."
         "Enough!" The Dragon King shouts and the smell of brimstone fills the hall. Fivol chokes, a few others push back tears. "My daughter is correct. I do not care how strong the Lords of Demons believe they are, none of them lifted a finger to save this Veil from Werethanger. When he lie waste to the Veils, devouring powers and destroying lands, where was your demonlord then?"
         Nashi cleared his throat. "I seem to recall being there to assist..."
         "You are only the heir." Set reminds him. "No house offers help to the Monsters, why should we care if a weakling Demon lord wants revenge."
         We, Nashi realizes her alignment shifts quickly. "Just a moment ago you were headed back to the human side of the veil."
         "Looks like there may be more fun to have on this side." she whispers out the side of her mouth.
         Stepping up she gives a slant eye to the Toad. "Go tell your coward lord that if he wishes to meet me on the field of battle I welcome it."
         Nashi steps forward shouting against it yet Fivol is gone in a wink. "Set I swear you're not happy unless you make a terrible situation even worse."
         Looking down under her flash of white hair she shrugs. "At least the noisemaker is gone now."
         Unfortunately her father is not amused. "Set you have insulted a dignitary as well as a Lord of Demons and done so in my court. It will be spoken of for millennia that the Daughter of Dragons is rash and wild and completely devoid of proper manners."
         Taking her fingers she rubs the side of her temple in thought then answers him. "It is not said so already?"
         Puffing out a bit of fire in annoyance the King Doar curls up a toothy smile. "It has always been said we Monsters are of ill tempers and wild behaviors, I am truly proud to call you mine but I worry the Demons may make more of this than it should be. After all, you did kill the heir of the Seventh and as accused you do cavort with the new heir."
         "Cavort? I, cavort?" asking with an accusatory inflection she looks at Nashi.
         Nashi gives her courtly appearance a once over. "Well you do look the cavorting type now and we have had our fun..."
         "That's it I'm done with these silly clothes. Find me some armor I am going to kill another Demon heir to prove a point that the Daughter of Dragons does not ever.." she reaches for a short sword hidden under the lengths of skirting. "ever" pulling it free she advances on Nashi. "ever cavort, caper, ca-anything!"
         Propping his head on his hand he grins and spells his flight to the ceiling. All eyes in the court lift high to admire the fencing skills of two masters. "And we shall at last see which of us is the better skilled.."
         Out windows, along gutters and through the hazy air the two demon born battled with their blades slashing. Sparks scorched the stone walls as nothing else in the world mattered but the ongoing contest. Set slashed with furious intention, Nashi's attacks were more clever always escaping any serious injury. When both were well tired of the fight they sat down on the high cliff walls and grumbled about the evenly matched spar.
         "I would think with Janara as your mother you would improve a great deal quicker..." Nashi spoke between recovering breaths. "She was a great warrior."
         Set tired voices her unhappiness at the outcome. "Was she? Before my father slaughtered her for bearing unfit progeny?"
         Wincing, Nashi nodded. "I had been away at the time. It was always so for me. Many a lifetime I spent just as you searching for ways to become stronger and better in the ways of battle. I had thought to win my right to lead by making a challenge for the throne."
         Chuckling, Set remarks coldly. "Who would have guessed you only need wait for me to come along and kill your brother for all your dreams to come true?"
         It was a cruel notion that he would accept a throne he had not earned. Frustrated, he clenches his fist on the hilt of the sword only to sigh. "I have no right to the throne any longer."
         Amused by his comment she gives him a side eye of contemplation. "Will you go rogue then with me? We can take the Twin Blades together and conquer the world beyond the veil." Propping her chin upon her hand she looks out over the Kingdoms within their veil. "I wonder what that would be like!"
         "Do you remember that half-spider half-demon that you cut all of his legs off for fun?" Nashi asks quietly. When she nods and admits she does recall the fun of riding on spider legs until spider had no legs. "It would be like that. We are immortal and powerful and they are ants. In time we would grow bored with them."
         Scowling she rolls her eyes. "Maybe you would. You were raised to subjugate, to have someone always bowing and scraping for thee." she took that moment to slide down the cliff face of the cathedral and land on her feet. Cutting away the excess of dress she casts a spell to draw her armor from her tiny rooms. As she girdles herself in metal she whistles happily. Nashi lands not far behind her curious.
         "Where are you off to little flea?" he asks quietly.
         "I've made a challenge to the Seventh House of Demonlords and it would be improper to not at least go to meet this challenger." she shrugs. "I don't like waiting for a battle, remember?"
         That he did. Often Set would charge in without thought to the outcome. It was how Spiderlegs lost all of his legs. And how Denrahaganan lost his life, and Werethanger. It was a long list to go down. "Well let's get on with it, my father is waiting."
         By spellcraft he takes his own packs down from the alcove he had begun to call home. Checking the gear he suits up for a long travel and a battle at the end. "Set, I wonder.." he begins.
         "What's that? Thought I heard a gnat buzzing at my ear." she cranes her head and eyes him with mocking regard.
         "When we get there, to the land of Demons where you never wished to go.." he reminds her of her earlier words.
         Annoyed she glares at him. "What is there to wonder about?"
         "Will you call him grandfather?" Nashi asks.
         In wholly human fashion Set speaks at him in curses before stomping off. "I will call him bug squat if I want to and you'll not lecture me about it."
         Laughing, Nashi follows along behind her. Well it was after all one way to bring home his brother's setaway child.
         Behind them in his hall the Dragon King puffs smoke clouds in thought watching them leave. Well aware of his troublesome daughter and the errant demon's unusual companionship he contemplates the chances each might have at success. Where Set travels for a wish to do battle, Nashi follows with a wish to make peace. Now if the two of them ever put eyes on the same goal? Together? Like defeating Werethanger before he could become the Master of Monsters, those two could be unstoppable. If only the Demonlords could cease meddling in the affairs of Dragons! Then he'd have two great warriors in his court to call upon. Well one matter at a time, Doar taps his claw in thought.
         "Betine," he summons a chrysalis lithe to his attention. "Follow my daughter. See to it she doesn't get into more trouble."
         The lithe nearly invisible but an outlining thread of rainbow nods. "I will protect her."
         "No. That is unnecessary. Set can protect herself." he informs the lithe. "Under no circumstances are you to come into contact with her. Observe her actions and report to me if she is to become improperly detained by the Demonlords. As my heir they will know my wrath if they fail to respect my authority."
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