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Conflicted conflict

hellish tropic heat
creeping Charlie dread
sweat drips
Hueys keep the beat
pounding in my head
fear grips

napalm blossoms blaze
whistling mortar thumps
wet mud
drifting diesel haze
near-miss foxhole jumps
dried blood

carpet bombing runs
agent orange tang
stay low
jammed-up rusty guns
coffins grace Danang

gung-ho ROTC fools
TV protest march
smoke dope
propaganda rules
baby-killer charge
lose hope

jungle rotten boots
slap another leech
what next
chewed-up raw recruits
come- to-Jesus speech
mind wrecked

body-count patrol
nighttime jungle hikes
warm rain
punji-planted hole
paranoia strikes
eye strain

one too many points
crosshairs on my back
fear blooms
pass another joint
stare at Looey’s rack
go boom

bounce back to the world
nothing much to say
strange toll
mental demons swirl
VA turns away
lost soul

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