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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2255977
Pity those who don't even have ghosts to twirl with
Ghost Dance

Dancing through the echoes found,
through soundings of a bygone name;
I got lost in the proving grounds,
with no-one else there left to blame

A heart naive, untamed, untrained,
unburdened by such common things;
where Queens hold courts, a sway retained,
a land I once thought ruled by Kings

A monarchy, a heart denied,
a mind too strict, too blind to care;
overthinking times we tried,
looked over, thought... the times we shared

Reviewed, renewed, reused and skewed,
this self-built theatre of doubt;
oceans of regret imbued,
as tide pools glisten, bleeding out

Picture perfect pools that glow,
with blue grey opals, stunning, set;
I got lost in them years ago,
I've yet to still, get out them yet

with portals blazing , numbered two,
a pupil's gaze, a sorry lot;
mortal grazing, working through,
the times reviewed, the times forgot

Behind night's veil, eyelids drawn,
such sights still burn, such minds still see;
playing out till hindsight dawns,
the things we only dream could be

Pairings laid out... lit, a match?
choices held, we never knew
a voice that's hard to lockdown, catch,
... be thankful if you ever do

Drifting blindly, left in doubt,
when guiding light has been and shone;
first and last times bleeding out,
before we even know, they're gone

Like dying stars, for which we pine,
Celestial on canvas black;
when northern lights no longer shine,
how do we fare, with things we lack?

Connections made, a tender touch,
an endless looping yearning song;
keeping hold of far too much,
held for frankly far too long

Lost inside this labyrinth,
it's centre left a myth, unfound;
with no way out and no way in,
and cryptic pathways winding round

as cold winds blow these thoughts around,
winding, echoes through the night;
ghosts of times both lost and found,
haunted text, wraith authored, write

Inscribed... chiseled... set in stone,
text old, plated, leafed in gold;
great walls made of China, bone,
so fragile, stacked, yet still it holds

An untamed heart, naive unploughed,
with wasted chances, miles ran;
an unnamed part I lost somehow,
'midst journeys found, I never planned

Dreams of destinations drawn,
from places where we're driven, been;
it seems procrastination dawns,
it rises with the things we've seen

with all the things we let go, leave,
'midst all the things we miss the most;
dancing through her echoes' weave,
twirling 'midst such cherished ghosts

Fumbling through darkest night,
a night bereft a single star;
yet underneath the blackest light,
its easier to see such scars

Seems so hard to let go, lose,
lose the times, spun dreams can span;
it seems some times you just cant choose,
it's only really you that can

can guide me out this hollow maze,
where voices rebound out of sight;
walking through a splintered haze
... will you walk me home tonight?

through halls with stifled echoes, spent,
reordered, mute, in cold carved space;
I often wonder where they went,
all those times, still born in place

With faces fractured, frozen, shook,
ghosted images that stain;
the roads we could have chosen, took,
the paths that seemed too right, too strained

Now overlapping landmarks stand,
everchanging in the now;
in present time, with past lives spanned,
running false, yet true somehow

Intangible yet present, crossed,
burnt sepia, transposed, ingrained;
an image locked in pleasant, lost,
locked down, drawn, disposed... restrained

with baptisms, remembered long,
despite the passing years bereft;
a little going for a song,
a lot retained, with nothing left

Flames of summers been and gone,
burning bright, too hot to hold;
fired beacons, bright, that shone,
stored in hand, with winters cold

Leaving with the summer haze,
arrived with baptised, bottled rain;
weaving round this garden maze,
whilst Eden's echoes sound your name

Sounds unsought, yet still they're found,
echoes that you left, that stay;
dancing though the proving grounds,
your name still sounds... rebounds today
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