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...an attempt to analyze what making a fart attractive to eproctophiles
Theoretical Psychology With A Focus On Sexology – Lecture: Attractiveness Research In Eproctophilia (full title):

Dear students from the Psychological Faculty of the Writing-Academy,

today's lecture is part of theoretical psychology with a focus on sexology. As you have already learned in previous courses, there is an especially pronounced but frequently occurring form of paraphilias, namely eproctophilia. This is the predilection for flatulence. As in various extensive studies of attractiveness research, I have therefore carried out an investigation myself into the characteristics of the attractive or perfect fart. I will present the results of my research as follows.

Let's make ourselves aware of it, what hasn’t happened that often, but when we hear it, we know it: The perfect fart. Well, what is it? How does it sound …and probably smell like? It has been a secret for at least since farting was fetishized.

In this lecture unit we'll talk about the sound. Those of the students with an undergraduate degree in psychology who also took mathematics as their subsidiary subject, know that in general definitions are nothing but fallacies. Unique appearances or God given phenomena are composed of a certain number of characteristics. Hence, what can we do to describe a special phenomenon without using definitions? Well, the most effective way to point up its characteristics is to enumerate suitable properties.

Whether we are fortunate enough to have found someone who is minded to meet our eproctophile needs, or take out the exclusive right to enjoy our own dream body for our flatulence fantasies, that’s what the "going to be attractively farting" needs to understand, "Requirements are necessary to fulfil properties." But for a better understanding, we'll analyze back to front. Therefore, let's start with our properties.

Indispensable properties an attractive farter needs to be aware of:

1. Loosening – A good fart must not sound with force or stressfully driven. One of the most important mantras is, “It should come without doing anything.” If an attractive farter wants others to hear his or her fart, he or she makes sure that he or she feels enough fluttering gasses inside his or her bottom. That brings us to the next important property…

2. Length – "Only long farts are good farts." This is a phrase all actively eproctophiles should know. But, as almost always in life, size isn’t everything. However, has the attractive farter enough gas for a powerful fart, he or she is going to be able to vary gas releases with the two following properties…

3. Depth – This is what we call the “flapping/jackhammer/motor-cycle” aspect of a fart release. It sheds light on the characteristic that the attractive farter doesn’t care about anything or anybody. Therefore, the attractive farter just relaxes and takes his or her right to do so. By the way, depth hasn’t anything to do with being female or male. It tells more about whether someone is resting in itself or not. A little note to females: Nothing is more effective than the contrast of a soft, tender and smooth voice, "surprisingly" interrupted by ripping a bubble of gas with depth and the next property…

4. Voluminousness – Which is not to be confused with depth. Like depth, this property is carried through relaxation. But unlike depth, voluminousness has almost everything to do with the farter’s position. An attractive farter should use his or her surroundings and be assertive of its possibilities for accelerations, which is an important aspect in discussing requirements. Before that, the most important, overriding quality is…

5. Sovereignty – The attractive farter is a self-guided person in all his or her activities and releases. He or she forgets how great he or she is or how great and sexy his or her farts could sound like. He or she just let his or her worries and thoughts run free.

With these mentioned properties in mind, the attractive farter needs to understand the physical point of view. Let's clarify the following list including its requirements as chronological.

The attractive farter needs to be in a shape of being:

1. Either a) gassy that he or she can release long farts. He or she should know themself, what makes him or her gassy. Most people are gassy when they've eaten chips, lentils, onions or cheese, or b) Farting on command. The attractive farter can swallow air or use a pump, but doesn't take too much. The attractive farter develops a feeling for the size of each fart he or she wants to create.

2. Shaved everywhere between his or her legs, especially the hair between his or her butt cheeks, if he or she has got clear pubic hair. Butt hair muffles the sound. If the attractive farter is shaved, his or her butt cheeks can't damp the sound, because of the vacuum. Depending on the daily condition of his or her butt cheeks and where he or she sits on, the attractive farter's butt cheeks will always make at least popping sounds, even if he or she tries to fart noiselessly.

3. A little moist, but not too much. If the attractive farter's butt cheeks are a bit sticky (by virtue of the typical sweat from moving outside or when he or she is generally sweating), then it will help the attractive farter's butt cheeks by flapping more than if they are dry or too wet.

4. Wearing comfortable clothes. An attractive farter doesn't wear tight jeans or dresses. His or her farting needs a liberated body in which all necessary procedures can easily happen.

5. Sitting in a comfortable position, where the backside of the attractive farter's butt is so sticked that his or her farts can only get out through the frontside of his or her butt cheeks. This makes the attractive farter's releases noisier and bassier than it does by coming out through the backside of his or her butt cheeks. At best, the attractive farter sits on a floor with his or her back against the wall and his or her legs slightly open, because farts always need to come out easily. Therefore, the most important requirement is…

6. Not pushing out while relaxing. Assuming the previous requirements while being able to fart right now, the attractive farter needs to let his or her gasses out, just by losing control.

The above-mentioned properties provided, fulfilled by the requirements recently declared, the attractive farter will be able to tickle out each hidden ounce of eproctophilia from anyone genetically endowed with this sexual deviation.

The lecture unit just presented in the context of sexological psychology will be particularly useful in a supportive way for those of you who want to deepen themselves further in the practical area with the needs of human desire, be it professionally or privately.

I also wish you every success in your further studies here at the Writing-Academy.

Best greetings.

LumaLuma90, B.Sc.
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