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Sobriety over memory. I must stay true.
How easy it would be to take that drink,
And make that memory drown in Creek.
To hold the bar where oft I'd flee,
And escape the pain that none can see.

How easy it would be to just break loose,
And forget my neck is in this noose.
A beer, a shot, it matters not,
When I'm done, won't be a thought.

My breath will fade though none shall care,
another drunkard in despair.
None should miss the bar-fly stare,
Eyes blazed with liquor flare.

How easy indeed, to take that drink,
And let those demons push the brink.
Good for me that I found God,
To hold my hand within this thought.

When I think I've hit a low,
he sends an angel to help me tow.
I do have friends on which I count,
Through daily battles do we shout.
We will win and devil lose,
Faith is there to see us through.

Life's not perfect, no it's not,
But I WILL give it all I got.
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