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Billy and his friends go fishing for a lion... For the Writer's Cramp 8/7
"...on to our top story of the morning. Prince Hairy, our own beloved king of the Glen Oaks Zoo, escaped from the zoo's lion enclosure last night. He has been spotted walking down Hickory St, and "hanging out" in a tree at Riverside Park. Residents are urged to use caution if going outdoors, and to report any sightings immediately to the Wildlife Protection agency..."

Mom switched off the radio. "Billy, I'm not sure you and the boys should go fishing today after all."

"Aw, Ma, lions don't eat fish. We'll be fine."

"They may not eat fish, but Hairy may think a thirteen year old is a delicious looking morsel."

"Nah. Besides, Joey said his mom said the rangers saw him in the park before dawn. He's probably long gone by now."

"I don't know...." Mom took his dishes to rinse, and put them in the dishwasher. "I'd feel better if you boys just stayed in and played video games today."

"The new season of Fortnite doesn't start for two more weeks, and we've already done everything in this one. Besides, cats don't like water."

"Fine." She tossed the dishtowel down on the counter, and folded her arms across her chest. "But, if you get eaten, it'll be your fault for not listening to your mother."

Billy jumped up and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks, Ma. Love ya!" He ran out of the house before she could change her mind.

At the corner, Joey and Travis were already waiting.

Travis asked, "Did ya hear about-"

"Yeah, of course!" Billy looked over both shoulders to make sure no one else was around. Then he pulled three steaks his mother had planned to make for dinner out of his tackle box. "And I think I know how to catch him."


The boys rubbed the steaks on trees, leaving the scent as they went, so the lion would follow. Once they reached their favorite fishing spot, they laid out Joey's dad's fishing net with the steaks in the middle.

"Now all we have to do is hide in the tree, and jump down with this end of the rope when he's in the middle."

"And we'll have him!"

"We'll be heroes!"

The boys didn't have to wait long. Suddenly they felt a swaying in the tree, heard a shot, a saw a lion fall past them to the ground. A feathered dart was lodged in its neck.

"What the...?"

A park ranger called to them from below, "You boys alright?"

"Yeah, uh, I think so."

"Sure. Thanks."

"But, how did you..."

"Who's Billy?" Billy raised his hand. "Your mom called as soon as she noticed the steaks missing and told us where you'd be. Good thing too, you were about to be Prince Hairy's lunch."

As they walked back toward home Joey said, "Gee Billy, I guess your mom turned out to be the real hero today."

"Yeah, I guess," Billy shrugged. "But don't tell her. It'll just go to her head."

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