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Part II - Waiting for the (Porn) Stars to Align

My diner friend was getting tired of me sleeping on his couch.

I had quit the job and collected the remainder of my pay, so I had around 600 dollars to my name.

The list of material items that I owned was pretty slim:

-A phone with a severely cracked screen that only worked on public wi-fi.
-Just enough clothing to present myself properly in pretty much any situation.
-A laptop.
-A beautiful, heart-shaped stone with many jagged, interconnecting lines painted throughout the surface.
-A decent supply (and connection to) the current drug of choice.

Fresh out of jail – with no real attachments, no place to call home and no one I was willing to turn to for help – I was full of flaming desire to discover, and provide answers to, a few of life’s most fascinating questions:

Do we, in fact, create our own reality? Is it possible – with belief and with intention and with purpose and with true love in the heart – to master the entire universe and literally make anything happen?

Did my soul really get split in two? Have I been chasing down my other half – the divine feminine spirit – over many different lifetimes? Was this the reason for my constant searching and loneliness?

Could anything other than divine consciousness create such a beautiful love story?

I was going to find out one way or another at some point in life, and this seemed like prime time for destiny manifesting – me, against the world (of doubt).

--All external life is a reflection of the internal.--

These were the linear thoughts in my head – the guiding truths:

-The journey was based entirely on love. I was searching for my twin flame, first and foremost.
-Finding the divine feminine half to my soul was going to lead to the completion of my life purpose.
-My life purpose has always been to artistically combat evil with the spiritually-charged weapons of love and truth.

The final conclusion that I came to was electrifying. There would be no more questioning who I was or why I was here on this planet.

It had become earth-shatteringly clear to me that I was a peaceful warrior on a spiritual mission of good versus evil.

And that I wasn’t alone.

We will never understand the true power of our love-and-light force until we first recognize the extent to which we’ve been held back by the evil forces.

The darkness that exists behind all of the war, oppression and slavery in the world is being exposed on a daily basis, and I have a moral obligation to share my story and participate in the awakening.

The truth is hidden in plain sight, and people across the planet are beginning to recognize the illusion of authority at an incredible rate. With true freedom on the horizon, one, compelling question remains to be asked:

How much longer is humanity willing to suffer?

The choice is yours: You can live in fear, or you can live in love. You can be open to the truth, or you can remain ignorant. You can express internal sovereignty, or you can express internal confusion. You can be a part of freedom, or you can be a part of control. You can manifest order, or you can manifest chaos.

I don’t think I have to go any further explaining the evil and darkness, though I will say this: It’s fairly common knowledge at this point that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be operate (through the channel of fear) under the assumption of consent (which is exactly why the truth is hidden in plain sight) and, according to the occult guidelines of power and control, our silence counts for that.

I had a plan that I knew would help awaken the masses; a busines idea that combined sex and activism.

In order for the idea to kick off properly, I needed to find my timeless twin co-star. (If she was, in fact, my other half, I knew she’d be a sexy, little freedom-fighting bad-ass.)

Once reunited, we would start a company that assisted couples through the process of earning money online via webcamming and media sales.

Most importantly, we could base that company on very sound principles, including voluntaryism, global unity, my body my choice, self-love, self-reliance, freedom, liberty, and peace.

We could celebrate the beautiful, balanced nature of the sexual universe as two, loving spiritual warriors, and we could show the world a new form of relationship (based on self-love, first).

We could use the gargantuan platform of the adult film industry to promote activism and truth, and we could remind human beings all over the planet of their incredible divine nature.

We could.

We still could. In fact, we almost did…

--Elimination of the double standard = Celebration of the slut.--

Until I found her, none of that really mattered.

I was going to Florida...

Because an open mind is easily and often judged by the closed one, it’s important for me to preface things.

From my experience, it seems as though the majority of men would not openly admit to paying for sex with a prostitute, let alone dating one.

That being said, not too many people would go seeking a sex worker specifically for the intention of dating her.

I am that someone.

This is why the twin flame reunion is a beautiful journey – a grand teacher of life. It always comes back to working on your self, first.

If you happen to have some sort of problem with sex workers, for example, maybe your fucking twin flame is a sex worker. And, until you overcome this judgement of people and their chosen profession (it’s the oldest one for a reason), you will never find yourself free.

You will never know that your slutty, little twin flame is out there trickin’, and you’ll forever remain stuck in the misery of separation.

For an easier example, consider the possibility that your twin flame – the ultimate love of your soul – has a different color of skin than you, and that you…are a stone cold racist.

Overcome the hatred, understand that we are all one consciousness – connected and unified in the eternal light of creation – and then, and only then, will you have earned the right to experience the divine feminine (or masculine).

It’s these sort of monumental virtues of life that we must ascertain, and embody, before we can experience the full union of our souls, and this is why it literally takes lifetimes to complete.

You can stay stuck in the cycle of selfishness, addiction, falsehood or hatred for as long as you’d like, and you can continue to reincarnate here on Earth many times over.

Or, you can wake up, believe, ascend, become complete and fulfill the eternal committment…


The journey of the divine twin flame reunion is a lovely, lonely mystery.

There is no manual. There is no handbook. And there are no specific instructions as to how you can go about finding this person. The self-work that you will have to face is unique to your own, individual energy and karma.

If you feel alone in your mind – it’s because you are alone.

If you feel the presence of something more – the presence of limitless potential in the mere existence of love’s vibration – it’s because, deep down, you know that you will not be alone forever.

You know that pure love in the mind and heart is all powerful.

If the sensation of love’s potential resonates with you…imagine it collectively.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”


Alone as you may be, you can try to find faith in the following:

You wrote this love story.

You made it challenging for a reason.

You wanted to come back to Earth and play the game of love again.

You wanted to lose yourself, knowing all along that finding yourself would always remain the ultimate payoff – no matter how hard life could ever get.

Thankfully, a soul contract was agreed upon, somewhere in the pre-existing, cosmic ether. A fail-safe, created on the very real chance that you and your twin soul might get lost in the cycle of reincarnation – lost and confused in the illusions of fear and doubt.

Blinded, you can see – guided by intuition. Deaf, you will hear – faint, knowing whispers. A song – at that moment – the vibrations – connecting the invisible energy of two, departed souls – somewhere in the eternal nothingness – the lyrics to your heart.

You will taste him. You have already touched her. A smell in the air will trigger the memory – deja vu – a sudden sense of other-worldly, and you will think mystically:

I’ve fucking been here before.

Regardless of what you are going through in life, I advise you to believe in your intuition always.

Go with your gut.

I’ve come to find that the sacred bond between self and intuition, like any relationship, is built upon loyalty, communication and trust.

The more you trust it, the more it will reward you with proper guidance towards your heart’s deepest desires.

As much as I know and believe in the existence of my own twin flame (that she’s somewhere out there searching for me too), the only thing I can tell you with absolute certainty…is that love is worth fighting for.

You have to fight for love, and you have to fight for what you believe in.

In order to believe in the story of the divine soul reunion, you have to first believe that life is way more than we could have ever imagined it to be. You have to believe that we are all here to learn and grow, and that your existence on this planet is not some sort of fluke.

You have to believe in reincarnation, and you have to believe that a beautifully complex eternal commitment is waiting for you.

We humans are way more than we think – we are way more than we have ever been taught to consider – and this relationship is way more than just two people attempting co-existence together.

The journey is a mirrored experience of self–love and growth, first and foremost, and you can take that as your fair warning that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.

It takes brutal honesty, previously inconceivable willingness and lots of work.

Imagine; meeting you in another person, all of your beauty, all your grandeur, and all of your deepest darkness, all of your fears and insecurities.

But, if and when you do believe in the magic of it all – if and when you are ready for the experience – the universe will undoubtedly begin to reveal itself to you, and the mystery will begin to unfold right before your eyes.

If you will believe in the limitless nature of love’s vibration, I can almost guarantee you that the signs – the synchronicities – will begin to manifest into your life – ungrudgingly, politely and mysteriously.

For twin flames, these manifestations tend to appear in the form of the following angelic numbers:

222, 11:11, 13 and 7.

It’s a game – and love is the prize.

Perhaps you can find it in yourself to believe that you and your twin flame, upon reunion, will eventually awaken one day in a brand new universe as Divine King and Queen.

Perhaps the universe is willing to grant you this sort of thing. But why would it – if you never even had the heart to believe that it ever would? If you never had the heart to explore the depths of your own ability to ascend through the multi-faceted discoveries of infinite and unconditional…self-love.

Love yourself.

I’ve always had an intuitive feeling that my twin flame would be in possession of two, dinstinctive characteristics that could potentially alert me of her presence. (Depending on my alignment with the truth – and how much I was living that truth – my intuition could be wrong.)

I felt as though she’d already have a kid from another man, and that she’d be highly advanced sexually, perhaps even a sex worker. (And I could have been subconsciously manifesting these traits.)

Regardless of all the inner intracacies and outer mysteries, it was time to enter Coco the prostitute into the story…

It was February 3rd, 2020, about three weeks before my fateful arrest at the casino.

On this night, I was offered a mysterious dose of wisdom that I couldn’t deny was coming from some sort of higher power. It was an ultimate truth, gifted to me in the name of continued exploration and love.

I was sitting on my laptop, probably flirting with random girls on facebook messenger. The heart stone (that I mentioned earlier) was sitting on the table next to my computer.

Because of how precious this piece was to my heart, I remember thinking, ‘Why is this on the table?’ I usually kept it safe and tucked away so I’d never lose it.

I had been contemplating a lot recently, ‘Where did the symbol of the heart come from?’

All of this symbology in our lives – cryptic or blatant – and the symbol that we use for love (the most important vibration known to man) has never really been explained to me.

Who came up with that shape? What was the meaning behind the design?

Then, suddenly – somehow – I had it! The heart was symbolyzing the story of the divine twin flame reunion!!!

I was shaking with excitement and motivation…

---see website for full post with photos---

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was on the run from a technical probation violation. The moment a set of handcuffs were secured to my wrists, I was facing at least six months in two, separate jails.

Quite simply, when you need money and you are a gambler, there’s not too much to think about.

The destiny manifestation part had to involve finding my twin flame, first. I was creating my own reality, and that involved using a fresh, divine spark of love to literally take over the casino (and win a jackpot) – enough money to get the ball rolling towards a whole, new life.

Would you believe me if I told you that I did win a jackpot, and that the jackpot was the reason for my arrest?

God works in mysterious ways, I guess. Or, in this case, perhaps it was the divine feminine spirit.

Was she telling me that I wasn’t ready to meet her?

Did I have more self-work to do?

I was using an escort website along with Instagram to find forward-thinking females. I’d start conversations and talk to them about sex, twin flames and the webcam business idea.

On my first attempt advertising the activist cam company, I received a reply that was a huge motivating factor for the continuation of the idea.

The entirety of the business was an Instagram page with four, lonely posts (@webcam_chaos_inc), and I had just reached out to 15 existing webcam girls (fifteen people out of millions!) in order to perform some general market research.

-----see website for full post with photos---

I was onto something, here.

I knew that I needed to broaden my area of research and gambling. I needed to find a different casino, and I wanted to start reaching out to girls that were living in different areas.

It was time to go to Bethlehem, where I had already found a lovely, sex worker named Coco online. She was highly interested in hearing more about the webcam idea, and she was more than willing to have sex with me for money (and do a little gambling.)

We talked for five, straight days, planning my trip to see her, chatting about life, laughing and learning about each other. We had hit it off immediately.

During one of our phone conversations, I asked her a question about her spirituality. I wanted to get a better idea of who this person was before I unveiled the whole twin flame, take over the world of pornography idea to her.

Coco was beautiful. She is – what is known in the business as – a high-class prostitute, very selective, and very expensive. Because I was highly broke, and highly woke, she was willing to negotiate.

"When was the last time you felt something deep in your soul? Something that reminded you of your status as queen of the Earth?"

"I don't know...well...it's kinda weird."

"Well, what? Just tell me."

"Probably when I read that twin flame stuff on your facebook page. To be honest."

Everything was in place. I was going to do this.

I was going to meet my twin flame, a sex worker, and I was going to convince her to come to the casino holding zero doubt, and full belief in the limitless nature of existence.

You gotta’ believe!

We’d win some startup money, and we’d stay at the casino and ignite the webcam business from the hotel room.

It was perfect.

But…where the hell was Victoria during all of this? Hadn’t I already met my twin flame? What was the significance of meeting Bianca H. on the Lunar new year? And how could I have possibly planned for meeting the train stop trick on my way to the casino? Was Coco willing to wait for me?

It was all so much.

And, in order to truly understand what was happening, we must travel back in time before we can move forward…


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