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A Long Trip

“They say eyes are the window into a soul.” Michael looked into mine.

“What do you see?”

“A longing for a trip. A long trip. On a big boat. On the ocean. Your blue eyes are the color where the sky and water meet and that is the point where that big boat will sail to take you to exotic ports of call. We will travel the world and see all sorts of wonderful sights.”

I pulled the wool blanket up higher. Crazy talk. Fevered talk.

“They’re called ships. And I get seasick, you know that. We can’t go on a trip now. The cruise lines are shut down. Stop teasing me.”

“Oh come on, Lindsay. Play along. Have some fun. Where should we go first?”

Michael rolled away from me. He gazed out the window, at the snow swirling around the windows.

“East of the moon and west of the sun, to the ends of the earth. We’ll sail to the edge and fall off.” I was tired, perhaps if I played along he’d be quiet so I could sleep.

Now Michael was leaning on one elbow, gazing lovingly at me. “That’s the spirit! And what will we see as we sail off the edge of the world?”

“Alright, crazy man. The ship will have sails, so when we leave the ocean we’ll float into space. The first stop is Neptune. We’ll find that lost city of Atlantis. The inhabitants there will welcome us like long-lost relatives. A big feast will be held in our honor.”

Michael snuggled up close, listening to my tale. “Are we King and Queen?”

I was getting tired, it was so warm in bed with the blanket, with Michael.

“Of course, we become their rulers. Dream big if you dream at all.”
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