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Life support in a small brown bean. A Poetic Traditions Entry (Form: Sestet)
Confessions of a Coffee Convict

I awake to the fragrant air
that welcomes me every day.
It’s a promise of what will be there
as I stagger along the hallway.
My morning dose of caffeine;
life support in a small brown bean.

Oh, I’ve heard what the experts say,
how coffee is bad for your health,
but without my first cup every day
it’s like saying, “Money is bad for your wealth!”
Some will say that it makes me an addict.
I prefer the term “coffee convict.”

Some drink coffee to keep themselves sane;
others demitasse so they’ll look chic.
I personally drink to maintain
my “never killed anyone” streak.
I’m happy. Most folks would agree.
My mood is sponsored by coffee.

I will leave you with one final thought
that though the days are often fraught
the vagaries of life have taught
that redemption's found in a coffee pot.
A day without coffee is like...
Just kidding. I have no idea. 🤣

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An entry for the August round of "Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest
Prompt: Open but original
Poetry Form: Sestets
Maximum Lines: 50
Line Count: 24
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