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Quite the Whirlwind

George and Marcie loaded the chairs, the table, the umbrella into a small wagon and headed for the river. It was the hottest day of the summer so far. The Horsethief River was cold and wet, perfect for fishing and wading.

Soon they were all set; the chairs, the table and the umbrella on a small spit of land. They were in the river with fishing poles, water up to their chests.

“Perfect. I’m finally comfortable. Why didn’t we do this yesterday?” Marcie asked George.

“Beats me. But on the hottest day of the year, it makes sense that we come to the river. Maybe we’ll catch something for dinner.”

They waded a bit, threw out the line a bit, enjoyed the cool water. A light wind came up, blew George’s hat off. Then a whirlwind formed, sucked Marcie, the two chairs, the table, the umbrella, and lastly it sucked George up into the air.

They sailed up into the troposphere. The whirlwind deposited them, they floated there for a time. Their bodies got covered in ice. Then gravity took over and they descended back to the ground. Marcie grabbed the umbrella, George grabbed onto Marcie’s shirt. They landed back near where they began.

Their chairs landed on the tiny spit of earth. Their table landed next to the chairs. Marcie landed in a chair. George landed in the other chair. Their umbrella embedded itself into the sandy soil.

“Well, that was curious,” said Marcie.

“I’m not hot anymore,” stated George.

“Come to think of it, neither am I.” Marcie dripped onto the sandy soil. She was defrosting.

George also slowly dripped into the chair and onto the sand.

“Why don’t we pack it in and head home. I’ve had quite the adventure.” Marcie stood and folded her chair.

“You were reading my mind. Now that we’re cooled off, home sounds fine to me.”

Marcie and George packed their chairs, their table, their umbrella and their fishing poles back in the car. They drove to their home.

The temperature inside was 89°, without air conditioning.

“I think I’ll add a blanket to the bed. It feels a bit chilly.” Marcie went to find the wool winter blanket.

“I’ll make us some hot coffee.” George headed to the kitchen. “Do you want soup for supper?”

George and Marcie found they were never hot again that summer. They could never get quite warm enough all through that hot dry summer. They wore their winter clothes. They put more blankets on the bed. The fans were put away. They ate hot soup and drank hot coffee.

When they went to the doctor for checkups, the doctor was amazed. Their body temperatures were 95°. He referred them to the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic studied them for months. Their blood was analyzed.

A new compound was discovered in George and Marcie’s blood that was marketed to anyone that suffered from hot flashes. It cooled the body with no hormonal side effects.

George and Marcie said it all happened back during that hottest-summer-day-ever when they went up into the sky. They’ve been in quite a whirlwind ever since.

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