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Rated: E · Short Story · Dark · #2256177
A morally grey monarch reflects on the injustice running rampant throughout his country.
In this country, the population is split into two parts, uneven parts.
Daylighters make up about a fourth of the overall number, timid and angry little things they are. Nightwalkers take up a whopping three fourths, they are mysterious and jovial but not necessarily friendly of folk.

Here in Moonlight, the day and all sunlight hours from dawn to dusk belong to the Daylighters, and the rest, well, you can guess who owns the night. Here, let's just say the rules and laws are a bit skewed and a tad unfair. For example; any Daylighter caught after Sun hours is trespassing on Nightwalker turf and is considered fair game, meaning they could become anything from roadkill to a gourmet meal, all depends on who, or what, catches them.

Nightwalkers have grown cocky and arrogant in the last century or so, more often than not; they tend to think themselves above Daylighters, and though they have every reason to believe so, it's not actually true. Personally, I like to blame the government for the people's Night Supremacist way of thinking. Though, I really shouldn't point fingers, because, honestly, who am I to judge? It's not like I'm any better than they are, I may not behave like they do but I sure don't say or do anything against it when I see it. Like now, for instance.

There's a pitiful scream for help. A young female and male Daylighter pair have been caught after hours and are being backed into a dark alley by a gaggle of hungry looking feline Nightwalkers. The female Daylighter is sobbing helplessly, pleading for them to leave her and her partner alone and crying for help, the male is snarling and shouting at the felines to stay back. The Nightwalkers, well, they just hiss and sneer at them, slurring horrible things at them in noisy drunken jeers, cackling obnoxiously.

As for me, I just pull the collar of my coat up and shove my hands in my pockets, keeping my head down. I pity them, I really do, but I'd rather steer clear of the police investigation and exceedingly potential law suits that would love to snare me and drag me down a deep dark pit of gloom and depression. I keep walking, hoping none of them see me.

The female Daylighter sees me.

"Help! Please, help us!" She screams louder, hoping to catch my attention.

She has my attention, she won't get more than that, unfortunately for her and her partner.

The felines hiss and growl at me, warning me to stay away, I ignore them and I keep walking. I walk at an even pace until the alley is out of sight and out of hearing range.

Then I stop, the light of a convenience store near blinding in my peripheral vision. I contemplate the idea of thinking about my morals and perhaps getting them measured, but then I decide that I need a drink.

I could have done something back there, I could have stopped it. I could ask myself why I didn't. But sweet powers all mighty, that's just a recipe for a major headache that I do not want. Should haves, could haves, and would haves are just an enormous waste of time and energy, two things of which I am sorely lacking; a fact which hits me like a tonne of bricks and reminds me that I have meetings to attend, public appearances to make, and a bombardment of questions to endure tomorrow.

After all, I am the King of Moonlight.
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