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When Karma comes-a-calling the grim reaper is never far off. Writers Cramp Contest entry

We Should Have Talked It Over
Janice looked up from the book she was reading at the kitchen table when she heard grunting and moaning and metal clinging outside in the hallway. Shocked, and in a state of panic She knew it could only be Bruce coming home from work. How could this be she wondered.
His bloody and bruised face created a feeling of panic as she stood and ran over to him just as he collapsed to the floor inside the door bleeding profusely from his left shoulder.
O My God Bruce, what happened? Your hurt. What happened? As he began to speak, he lost consciousness. Janise immediately reached for her cell phone sitting on the countertop and dialed Nine One One.
Two days later Janice sat in Bruce’s hospital room with tears running down her face and cheeks staring at Bruces near lifeless body. Kept alive by only a machine that forced oxygen in and out of his lungs.
Janice pretended to be broken hearted and distraut with outbursts of tears and crying as if it was all she could do to hold herself together.
A loud voice filled the room.
Janice recognized the voice immediately as terror engulfed her entire being. It was the voice of Bruce.
“How could you? Why? I loved you more than my own life you bitch! How could you?”
But Bruce just layed there in bed deep in a comma
Janice jumped up looking around the room in horror screaming “Shut up! Who is that?”
“You know dam well who it is bitch. You paid to have me murdered and you dam near almost succeeded.”
Moments later a nurse came busting through the door “Whats going on in here? What’s all the ruckus, noise and screaming in here?” she burst out.
“This bitch tried to have me knocked off. That’s whats going on here. Call the police lady. Call the police!”
The nurse looked frantically around the room with a pale face and confused look on her face.
“what’s going on in here? Who is that?” she blurted out as she turned facing Janice who was standing now sobbing hysterically and crying uncontrollably.
“It’s the comma tossed guy nurse. This witch tried to have me murdered. That’s what’s going on here ma’am. It’s a haunting”
Both ladies locked eyes, both appeared to be terrified and confused.
The nurse began speaking softly to Janice but before she could utter three words the breathing machine alarm began ringing loudly. Bruce was going into cardiac arrest. A flood of hospital personnel burst into the room and began working to revive Bruce. After three shocks failed to revive him one of the hospital employees said it over. Call It! He’s gone.
Again, the loud voice echoed through the room
“I’m not going nowhere pal. You’re not calling anything. This bitch tried to have me killed”
An eerie silence filled the room as everyone exchanged horrified glances at one another.
Where’d that come from one doctor said calmly to the rest of the staff standing around the bed. What’s going on here He said.
Janice now standing just outside the hospital room doorway. Again began screaming and waving her arms around as if trying to push someone away.
“Leave me alone! Get the F*ck away from me! Get away from me” She screamed and began running down the hall frantically flapping her arms as if trying to get away from something or someone that was holding her until she tripped over a wheelchair and hit the hard concrete floor headfirst in the temple area killing her instantly.
“Not until you join me Bitch” the voice of Bruce rang out again for all to hear.
“NO! O NO YOU DON’T YOU BASTARD” One of the doctors blurted out and again began frantically working on Bruce performing cpr and shocking him two more times before his heart began beating once again.
Bruce in the spirit stood over the bloodied lifeless body of Janice shaking his head saying: “now that’s a dam shame. It didn’t have to come to this my dear. If you wanted a divorce, you could have come to me and asked. We Should have talked this over. Now I’ll live a healthy long life and be two million dollars richer from you’re life insurance policy and you will be dead and that’s on you not me. You should have come to me. We should have talked this over.

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