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by paige
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I wrote this when I went to stay at my aunt's house
Once upon a time I went away from my home.
To visit the lodging of my kinsfolk.
It was warm and welcoming at first,
but then it lacked a certain touch.
A touch of affection and snug.
A homely environment of not being judged.
My mind constantly nudged me to do their work.
It felt like I was burden of some kind.
I don't know if it was reciprocated or just from one side.
I was no more the main character of the world.
I was a supporting character of their kids who developed.
I wouldn't move from one place thinking I'd be a bother if so.
The countless times I agreed to do the things I don't normally do.
My mother called me everyday to ask if I was good.
I'd agree with her while wanting to tell her how I missed home so much
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