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My trinket now holds the world record for being the most collected trinket ever on WDC
         My trinket posted here now holds the record at 462 and counting for being the most collected trinket ever on all of Writing.com. I want to thank everybody who has one of my trinkets for making this record possible. My trinket is officially listed on the third row from the bottom on page #19 in WDC's "Book of Trinkets". Also if there is someone out there who doesn't have my trinket yet, then all you have to do is click on the picture of the trinket here and click on collect and it is yours forever to keep.

         I also want to thank Ruwth who is one of the official queens of Trinketeers on Writing.com for researching and finding this important information out for me. Ruwth possibly holds one of the records on Writing.com for the most trinkets ever collected. I have only 851 trinkets in my Album, and a long way to go to catch up to Ruwth.

         I did some research here at writing.com on trinket collecting. I surveyed 100 of the most active users on this site. What I found was there were people with no trinkets what so ever collected. Then I discovered that there were a group of people who have just one to 25 trinkets. These are people that thought about starting a trinket collection, but got bored quickly of it. The next group had between 26 trinkets to 249 trinkets. They enjoyed collecting a trinket here and there, but that was about it. Next there are folks who have collected between 250 and 800 trinkets. They are die hard heavy duty trinket collectors. Anyone with more than 800 trinkets in their collection are the Kings and the Queens of Trinketeers, and are listed below. If your name should be on this list and it isn't let me know and I will correct that error. These numbers are up to date as of 10/4/2021.

Here are the top 18 trinket collectors here at writing.com who are the King and the Queen of Trinketeers -

1) Princess Megan Rose is in the lead with a total of 1,254 trinkets.
2) Ruwth has currently collected 1,241 trinkets in her trinket Album.
3) Sindbad has a whopping collection of 1,235 trinkets amassed..
4) Annette is running right behind in fourth place with 1,183 trinkets.
5) Kings SideCastle has a good size collection of 1166 trinkets.
6) Lilli has gathered up a record amount of 1,158 precious trinkets.
7) BBWOLF is James Eckert Dragon has 1,092 of those trinkets.
8) eyestar's trinket collection contains 1,061 of these colorful gems.
9) Cubby has an impressive 1032 trinkets in her collection.
10) Thankful Sonali HAPPY 21 WDC has 1023 trinkets in her collection.
11) Darleen has moved in on the charts with a shiny 944 trinkets.
12) Choconut has found 892 trinkets laying around at writing.com.
13) Schnujo contacted me to put her on this list with her 885 trinkets
14) Andy~Stargate WDC is live made the charts with 879 trinkets.
15) Lornda has collected 873 of those little colorful trinkets so far.
16) HuntersMoon is only 21 trinkets behind her with 852 trinkets.
17) Bubblegum Jones crawled up the list to the 17th slot with 851 trinkets.
18) Beacon-Light rounds it out in the eighteenth spot with 829 trinkets.

         Now if you don't know a whole lot about trinkets, and you want to start collecting them, the best part is that they are free. Trinkets are everywhere on Writing.com, and all that you have to do is start looking for them. You can start right here collecting by clicking by on my trinket. Thanks again everybody who made this record possible , Bubblegum Jones

Click on picture to collect
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