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Harsh words of people don't always bring you down, remember that.
They say it's not a child's play
"Just stay where you are and you'll be OK"
That you can't win easily it's not a game
That you don't get success in a day
Will somebody tell them that I know it won't be easy
That I've seen my fair share of hardships
That I've dealt with people who are creepy
And also seen my ship getting sink
Although I know the road will be tough
And there will be people who'd want me to stop
When I stop to catch my breath
They think they've made their point clear
And I want nothing more to laugh at them
But I say no more than "You haven't seen the whole thing, dear"
They think their words affect me
But I want to tell them they helped me break out of my cage
Apart from everything I can say to them, I'll tell them
"Thank you for making me brave"
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