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Written about the shadows and light in my life.
You can not have shadows without the light,
But you can have light without the shadows.
A shadow means something is blocking the light.
In your life, what is causing your shadows?

Jesus is the light in my life.
Heaven knows I’ve had darkness.
Those dark times were full of strife.
My heart was filled with hardness.

When the light moved into my heart,
Shadows appeared out of the darkness.
The light revealed every darkened part
I could clearly see with such sharpness.

The Holy Spirit helped me see the truth
My blinded eyes now are opened.
Together we began to take out everything aloof,
Washed with God's every word he has spoken.

Fewer shadows now exist for the world to see.
Now, this light shines brightly from my being.
The things were removed between the light and me.
With God's help, my light will keep on shining.

I try not to let things create shadows in my life.
One by one the shadows are leaving.
The shadows only cause heartache and strife.
More and more light, from me, will be shining.

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