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No car has been painted so much as these 10 cars. New collectable trinket included inside!
         The colorful paint never ever seems to dry on these old vehicles. They are constantly being painted over and over again. The layers of paint on these ten cars must be at least 3 inches deep. No one has to worry about any of these ten cars ever getting rusty. Every color in the rainbow are present on these cars. It's been a while since any of these cars have been on the road, but they get more attention than most cars that are actively driving from point A to point B every single day, and they are certainly among fun things to do when your bored.

         I was one day driving West on interstate 40 in the hot Summer sun, when I looked over to my right and saw these ten colorful cars sitting in the middle of a farmer's field. They were all lined up perfectly with their tail fins sticking high up into the sky.

         It's a place known as Cadillac ranch, and it was the brainchild of rancher Stanley Marsh the third. The ten cars were erected in 1974, and quietly moved two miles west to their present day location in 1997 to escape the city of Amarillo's growth. He buried the noses of ten vintage Cadillacs deeply into the hot Texas sand, with their tail fins pointed high up into the air. The ten cars are a collection of Cadillacs from the 1940s, 1950's, and 1960s. It's located on historic route 66 which runs parallel to Interstate 40 just a few miles west of Amarillo, Texas. It's a popular stopping point these days for travelers and it can be reached via a service road where many people driving down Interstate 40 can't resist the urge to stop.

         The state of Texas has placed clearly posted signs on the Route 66 side of Mr. Marsh's ranch gate, asking the public to please not paint on this side of the fence, but some people just couldn't resist even artistically painting onto the signs themselves. Some folks couldn't even resist painting on the gate or the Cadillac ranch entrance sign either. You really have to be careful, especially around the cars themselves what and where you lean up against, because you never know if the paint is wet or dry. Even in the hot Texas sun it takes a few minutes for paint to dry. I heard mothers tell their children to wait 5 minutes for the paint to dry, before they can begin to paint again.

         Everybody and their mother carries a full spray paint can or two down the dusty old path to those famous old cars, and I do literally mean everyone and their mother. I saw some of these same mothers pushing baby carriages down the dirt road to the cars. You will see children and their mothers along with their father's painting at the same time side by side. I don't think that the paint ever has time to dry on those ten cars. When one person finishes painting their work of art, and leaves another person comes behind them and paints their artwork over top of it. The cars are getting their paint jobs changed constantly over and over. These are the ten most painted cars on all of the planet, and I challenge anyone to find any other car to stand up to them!

         There's a debris field of empty spray paint cans along with their colorful caps out there as far as the eye can see. It almost looks as though a giant airplane loaded with a cargo of spray paint cans crashed near by. There's literally a fortune in scrap metal out there in those fields for someone to cash in on, but that's the way it is in this part of Texas.

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