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by shah
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what is the psora the especial article on psora day
What is The psoriasis diseases and why psoriasis is spereding very fast in the world

In the holy book of quran is related by religion of islam and in the bibile original version give the lesion of living of style and give very waste meaning what is the psoriasis and why its spreading in the world the holy book of islam religion quran says when men and women came under evil thoughts and come near each other and in wrong way of intercourse without married so its is very fast and very popular element for spreading of psoriasis int bible those person man and women not come near without marry the natural of spiritual treatment is homeopathy founder dr. samuel Hahnemann says the spreading is psoriasis cause is very simple when men and women give its control to evil thoughts and man and women near with out mary and unnatural intercourse the psoriasis is being very dangerous for health..
The          human being came under evil thoughts hence evil thoughts take work          to human for new to new methods of esp intercourse between men and          women
         By          the dr.jt.kent the Psora is the beginning of all physical sickness.          Had psora never been established as a miasm upon the human race the          other two chronic diseases would have been impossible , and          susceptibility to acute diseases would have been impossible . all          the diseases of of man and built upon psora; hence it is the          foundation of sickness; all other sickness came afterwards.
The          psora is the underlying cause, and is the primitive or primary          disorder of the human race. It is disordered state of the internal          economyof the human race. This state expresses itself itself in the          in the forms of the varying chronic diseases, or chronic          manifestations. If the human race had remained in the state of          perfect order, psora could not have existed. The susceptibility to          psora opens out a question altogether too broad to study among          sciences in a medical college. It is altoghether too extensive, for          it goes to the very primitive wrong of the human race, the very          first sickness, of the human race,that is the spiritual          sickness,from which first state the race progressed into what may          be called true susceptibility to psora, which in turn laid the          foundation for other diseases.if we regard psora as synonymous with          itch, we fail understand, and fail to express thereby, anything          like the original interintention of Hahnemann. The itch is commonaly          supposed to be limited thing, something superfacial, caused by          little tiny bit of a mite that is supposed to have life,and when          the little itch mite is destroyed the cause of itch is said to have          been removed. What a fooly!

From           a small beginning with wonderful progress, psora spreads out into          its underlying states and manifests itself in the large portion of          the chronic diseases upon the human race.IT EMBraces          epilepcy,insanity,the malignant diseases, tumors ulcers,cattarrhs,          and great proportion of the eruption. It progresses from simple          states to the very highest degree of complexity, not alwys alone and          by itself , but often by the villainous aid of drugging during          generation; for the physician has endeavered with his power to drive          it from the surface, and has thereby caused it to root itself          deeper, to becomemore dense and invisible, until the human race is          almost threatened with extinction.look at the number of          thepopulation upon the face of the earth , and notice how few arrive          at the age of maturity. It is appalling to think of number of          infants die and these largely from fromo the outgrowths, or          outcoming of psora. We see little once born who have not sufficient          vitality to live.the congential debility, and marasmus and varying          and varying diseases of chronic character that carry off the little          ones have for their underlying cause the chronic miasms. The          principal underlying cause is psora , next syphilis and next          sycosis.

         It           required twelve years for Hahnemann to discover and gather          together the evidence upon which he came to his conclusion. When          patient came to him who manifested chronic disease in any way he          took pains to write down carefully in detail all the symptoms, from          beginning to end,with the history of father nad mother ,          untilluntill he had collected a great number of appearances of          disease, not working yet what the outcome would be; but after this          caefull writng out of the symptoms, of hundreds of patients, little          and great, and comparing them and then gathering them together iin          one grand group, there appeared in the totality of this collection          of a picture of psora in all of its forms. Up to this time the world          had been looking upon each one these varying forms as          distinct,e,g; all the striking features of epilepsy would be          gathered together, and epilepsy was then called a disease; but          epilepsy is only on of the results of disease, and neverappears          twice alike. Every person who has epilepsy differs from every other          epileptic on earth . but epilepsy, insanity,diabetes, cancer,          bright's disease, and every other case of so called disease have          all had a beginning and one beginning. They are not distinict, but          operate in each person iin accordance with that individual.          Hahnemann says that before he began that collection of symptoms he          was struck somewhat with wonder that nuxvomica and ignatia and such          shortacting medicines were able to cure only single manifestation of          disease a group of symptooms, or they would relieve for a time and          then the symptoms would come back, although he had followed up the          treatment to the best of his knowledge. At the end of A CASE, HE          COULD DISCOVER THAT THERE HAD BEEN A CONTINUOUS PROGRESS IN SPITE OF          THE FACT THAT HE HAD RELIEVED HIS PATIENT OF SUFFRING A GOOD ,MANY          TIMES.

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