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This is one of the older poems/songs I still have. Written during the George W. era.

Got a claim to me

With my soul in your pocket

Like we’re tying a knot

Around the moon in a rocket

Aren’t we a better race for that

Build me a museum

Full of history’s greatest weapons

We don’t learn a thing when we see ‘em

We just look up and say god save us

He got better things to do then that

The crystal ball in that gypsy’s hand

Shows fires burning across the land

That statue was just a dead man

On a pedestal where we can admire him

He don’t care for our words to him

That a hint, take another hit

Mister president

There’s people pounding on your door

Saying no more, no more, no more, no more war

On the ocean we made war into art

We’ll build a fire and call it daystar

Stargazer knows where we are

The demon sleeps with his teeth in his tail

So he’ll awake when the violence prevails

And watch our cities fail

Noah was the dangerous one on his arc

But he lit that fire and called it daystar

To chase away the dark

This is a message to my greatest friends

I will meet you at the world’s end

Where we can start again

Gather survivors from here and from far

Gather around the fire we’ll call daystar

Where we can change some hearts

We’ll watch the ruins turn to green

As the earth takes back our cities

And she shows no sympathy

Cast our weapons into the fire

The fire that we call daystar

It’d be our wisest move so far

Then god he could look down, he could say I knew you could be

Be wise and glorious and free

All it takes is catastrophe

This is a message to my greatest friends

I will meet you at the world’s end

Where we can start again
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