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The slow, constricting brutality of loneliness
Hollow Cheeks

Barbed, snaring strings,
etch panicked agony
into jagged edges
of tortured mouths.
Aghast chins drop,
ripped wide
by inescapable, wicked jerks.

Screaming lips cry out
for soothing fingers,
only to be forever disappointed
by vast, silent fury
of fate’s contemptuous indifference.

Brutal thrusts of creeping coils
burrow deep into hollow cheeks,
snaking into emptiness.
Forked, licking tongues
flick at raw tunnel walls
wrought of bitter bleakness.

Charred ruins
of joy’s final moments
under lung-squeezing power
of sinuous, serpentine constriction.

Gasping for chimerical hope,
shaking eyes forever empty
of love’s glowing glimmer.
Intimacy’s last breath wastes away,
disbursing into
incoherent, anguished void
of soul-crushing

32 lines of free verse
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