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This poem was written specifically for the 'school days' contest.
Crystalised moments, trapped in foggy haze,
Special memories, of distant school days.
laughter and learning, connecting with friends,
Youthful oblivion, time never ends.

Untethered birds, all needing to explore,
insatiable appetite, wanting more.
knowledge, understanding of science, art,
where did I fit in, and what was my part?

Burgeoning sense and self-identity,
Boundary-pushing fuelled by naivety.
Huge opportunities to find my way,
To connect with friends to laugh, learn and play.

School days are special, as you'll never find,
A magic button to go back, rewind.
Seize every moment of youth's tender age,
School is the key to unlock life's cage.

So spread your wings, learning along the way,
Soon you'll be an adult, less time to play.
Make the most of every school-aged minute,
Be you, be strong-shine your light, don't dim it.
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