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by Norman
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I've had enough of this world
I’ll throw away my smartphone.
I’ll dump my laptop too.
I won’t watch TV anymore.
I’ll give up all that’s new.

I’ve had enough of this world.
There’s too much hate and fear.
It’s in the news most every day;
that’s all you ever hear.

I might become a hermit,
go someplace far away.
If I could find the place I want
I’d pack my bags today.

But I must have the right place
when I go off the grid.
I can’t give up all that I love.
Good heavens, God forbid!

I’d like a place that’s comfy.
Yeah, not too hot or cold.
A house that is all neat and clean,
someplace that’s not too old

I don’t want any neighbors.
We hermits like our space.
Just put me where I cannot see
this sordid human race.

Then fill my house with good books,
that’s all I really need.
Well… maybe just some magazines.
That’s all I ever read.

Of course I’ll need a good cook
and lots of food to eat.
And maybe someone to mix drinks.
Yeah, that would be real neat.

And there must be some servants
to clean up after me.
I really don’t like doing that,
so I just let things be.

You think I’m being greedy?
I’m asking for too much?
You know it will be difficult
when staying out of touch.

I’ll have to think about this.
It doesn’t sound like fun.
I can’t go off the grid like this
if I’m the only one.

I’ll have to keep my smartphone
and have my laptop too.
I can’t give up my TV shows.
What else is there to do?

But I won’t watch the news now.
I just don’t want to know.
That’s off the grid enough for me,
as far as I can go.

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