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This is a dream or more possibly a wakeup call...

         Last night I was in a large precariously high outdoor stadium, attending a "normal" church service. The place was packed. The seats were comfy---like a movie theater.

         When the service was over, we started our descent and began falling... The foundation was unstable. We were touching ground here and there, which helped correct direction.

         Some were not moving from their seats. As we fell, we had limited control as to the path downward and often fell on those not moving. They were angry, but it was out of our control.

         I wondered why those seated were not moving.

         While falling, huge crevices opened on the left and the right. We continued correcting ourselves. It was chaos and confusion with stents of minimal control.

         There were two men helping me----first one, than the other. The first man helped until he couldn't; then the second man stepped up----each one a "steadying hand," comfort amidst calamity.


         I wondered at the meaning of this dream. It was a church service.

         As Christians, we know Jesus is our foundation. Yet, the foundation here was unstable, crumbling, shifting. Jesus was, so obviously, not our foundation. We were out of sync.

         Moving was the best recourse to our plight; those not moving were angry, injured and quickly destroyed. Were they frozen in fear, stubborn, too comfortable, complacent?

         "Comfortable" seating denotes complacency. Is the church---the body of Christ---too "comfortable?" I remember Jesus said he would rather we were hot or cold. If we are lukewarm, He will spew us out of his mouth. Being comfortable in this world is not a good place for Christians.

         The key: keep moving, do not get comfortable with the status quo, and make sure you stay aligned with Jesus.


         Father, forgive us and our brothers and sisters. Holy Spirit, help us realign with Your purposes, draw us.

         Jesus, we declare: You are our firm foundation. You are the Author and Perfecter (Finisher) of our faith. We need You, and we place all of our trust in You alone. Amen.
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