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Can a chicken cross the road without it's motive being questioned?
10 Possible reasons why the chicken may have decided to cross the road -

1. The chicken may have been visiting a neighboring chicken who lived on the other side of the road.

2. There's also the possibility that the chicken was being chased by a dog or some other type of predator across the roadway.

3. The most popular reason in the world of course is simply because the chicken wanted to get to the other side of the road.

4. The chicken may have been shopping and searching for more food and water.

5. The chicken may be crossing the road in search of a mate.

6. On the other side of the coin the chicken may be going to the other side of the road to escape a mate.

7. The chicken may be crossing the road on it's way to a lunch or diner date.

8. The chicken may be crossing the road on it's way to a doctor's appointment. I guess that would be an appointment at the vets, however I'm certain that it wouldn't be a dentist appointment since a chicken has a beak instead of teeth.

9. The chicken may have been crossing over to the right hand side of the road to see if there was any mail in the mail box.

10. The chicken may simply be crossing the road to get some exercise as well as a change from the same old scenery. Whatever the reason may be that the chicken is crossing the road, I'm sure it isn't to because the chicken wants to be questioned.

11. The chicken maybe crossing the road whenever they are chasing grasshoppers!

Another age old question concerning chickens is what came first the chicken or the egg? People throughout time have been attempting to come up with an answer and a solution to this question for a long time, and I don't think I'll touch this question with a ten foot pole in this hub today.

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