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this is a naruto story and chapter book O_O
twelve years ago, in the hidden leaf village while they were dealing with the nine tail demon fox something else lurked near by. in the uchia village something dangerous was hiding the 12 tailed demon wolf. a thief broke into the uchihas family home and stole there little girl not even itachi or sauske knew about it the thief preformed the 8 pronged sealing jutsu. he fell over life-less in front of the baby girls eyes almost instantly the girls eyes changed from both light blue to one brown she grew a tiny tail and ears her black hair turned blue and she was left there hearing the screams of itachi murdering the clan. the baby was in a stone cradle in the dead of night

CHAPTER 2: 🏔a pack of wild wolves found the crying baby they sniffed her and decided to adopt her they gave her the name of moon they teached her how to fight,survive,and kill. they also taught her the secret wolf jutsu. one day i was chilling in my den {moons perspective } we got a warning alarm i went outside to see what it was and to my horror it was the akatski.

CHAPTER 3💥 : it was itachi deidara and sasori oh god i thought its my elder brother itachi 😅 hmm i said i didnt know the akatski could be this dumb huh deidara said youd your in a bad position to be talking we have itatachi uchiha here hmm weeker than me ELDER BROTHER i said el el elder brother sasori said itachi you said you killed them all itachi: hmm i guess not moon: youve made a mistake trying to kidnap me WOLVES lets attak .

CHAPTER 4⚔ the pack charged i transformed into my black wolf form the akatski ready to fight they threw kunia knives that hit me directly on the back i winced the pac scratcheded and eventuly fell. Now i was the only one left the alpha howled saying retreet moon do your secret jutsu i nodded {does hand signs} ALL ELEMENTS SECRET WOLF JUTSU the ground shock and rumbled 9 giant wolves rose from the ground sasori threw 2 more kuni knives in my back i coughed up blood🩸 attack them i mummbled breathlessly it dosent matter if you kill them just get them away the 9 element wolves nodded the fire and ice wind and water ligtning and earth chased them away.i fell over everything went black

CHAPTER 5🍃 When she woke up she was in the hidden leaf hospital she got up a little two fast she winced sitting by the bed was a lady with blond hair who are you i asked im lady tsunade she said the hidden leaf hokage who are you im moon uchiha she gasped but i thought - tsunade said i thought sauske and itachi were the last nope i said older brother sauske is not the last OlDer BroThER tsunade said yup i said um i have a favor to ask you ok tsunade said what is it can i talk to naruto umazaki please sure she said she went to go get him huh i wonder if he knows about me.

CHAPTER 6 🦊: a young boy with spikey yellow hair walked in hi he said um do i know you no i said but i want to ask you about somone who naruto asked my brother sauske uchia WAIT WHAT he said yup can you first tell me who you are ok fine i said {explains story} so now can you tell me were he went if you realy want to know he went off with ochumoru hmm i said thats sad hey can you show me around " sure naruto said he showed me the hokages house his house and the training feilds when kakashi hatake poped up right in front of them.

CHAPTER: 7 ☠ : hi naruto youre late for your training sorry naruto said i was just showing- and whos this kakashi said im moon moon uchiha hmm kakashi said intresting try to take these bels from me ok i said GO he yelld i charged dissapered and popped up behind him holding a bell your fast he said good job you are now a member of squad 7 our next mission is toomorow at 9:00 ok i said cool Ill see you toomorow

CHAPTER:8 ☁ : {9:00} ok kakashi naruto said were ready to go yup me too said sakura me to i said ok lets get going {IN THE BUSHES} itachi when will we strik dederia said itachi glared at him just wait then we will strike {SQUAD SEVEN} so how are we going to find sauske i said by using my sharingon your nose and - what about my rinnigon {rinnogon is a rare visual jutsu } rinnagon sure do you have somthing i can use as a smell reference yes his head band ok, i said .

CHAPTER:9 🐺: kakashi lit the fire with his fireball jutsu, okay, i said if we get going early we should get ther in the after-noon but if we skip
sleeping and go now we will get there in the morning, lets go now naruto said , i agree sakura said, hmm kakashi said dont you 3 need res-NOPE we all said , ok kakashi said lets go {1HOUR LATER!} we saw some smoke up ahead we stopped, we saw a black haired man with
yellow eyes standing next to sauske and kabuto<that must be ochumoru i thought> all of a sudeden they vanished and we were takled , kakashi had ochumoru on him naruto had kabuto on him sakura was tied up and sauske was on me.

CHAPTER:10 ⚡: O GOD i yelled ,hmm your very strong older brother Older b b brother, yes thats what i said im your little sister and im a jinjuriki, ochumoru is this true, yes sauske she is your little sister. And sauske i can tell you want to kill me if you do you'll be just like itachi.He glarred at me, just saying but i think i should kick your but now ha he said like you can <activates visuall jutsu>, i winked and i dissapered and reapeared behind him he stood up, i would sugest getting of them kabuto and ochumoru smiled, fine then i'll get you off , i built up my chakra to the highest of my ability my blue chakra turned black my eyes turned yellow , my jinjuriki chakra was flowing, moon naruto said dont worry i can controll my forms, i howled so loud it shook the ground there was more howling from the forest, it looks like my friends are coming.

CHAPTER:11 💢: more than 60 wolves came running out of the woods i pointed at ochumoru and kubuto get them off my friends, the wolves charged they takled ochumoru and kabuto, they both rolled off kakashi and naruto, i untied sakura. they got up get ready to fight ill take care of kabuto naruto said i'll help kakashi-sensai with ochumoru, so that leaves me with sauske. sauske charged at me with his sharingon i ran to first i threw some kunia knives he dodged them he swung his sword i dodged, he jumped fire style phenix fire jutsu flaming flowers came flying at me one sliced my shoulder i winced, over by kakashi there was lots of blood kakashi was knoked out and sakura was out of chakara, naruto was bleeding and was tied up, they were all cornering me i guess i have to use that jutsu {does hand sighns} wolf style all elements secret wolf jutsu !! the ground shook 9 elementle wolves apeared attake them i said they charged well sauske it looks like its time to go they disapeared into the mist.

CHAPTER:12 💟: when we arrived at the leaf we were all put in the hospital, later that day we reported to lady tsunadede and told her what happened after that we went out for ramen 🍜 after we ate our ramen we went to bed <the akatski perspective> So dederia you failed to capture the 12 tailed jinjuriki and the nine tailed fox look itachi theyre hard to cath espiciley the 12 tailed she knows all the chakra natures and is verry fast the 9 tails is also with her,itachi how bout this you and kiasame go to the leaf and capture them you also have sharingone so wont it be eiase, fine me and kiasame will go to the leaf and capture the jinjurikius, we wil start the jurney tomorow morning.

CHAPTER: 13 🗡: 2 WEEKS LATER} Squad 7 lady tsunade said you have a new mission today. the mission is to escort a trader to the land of the waves. Sounds simple naruto said, simple is good right? i said , not as simple as you think kakashi said , lets go he said we met
the trader by the gates,hi the trader said im nobushu and were are the ninjas that are gaurding me, thats us kakashi said, oh ok when i was trading with somone i felt like i was being watched i looked in the bushes and i saw a red cloud {moons pov} the akatski, it seems every mission we encounter bad people kakashi said so lets begin our journy.

CHAPTER:14 ⛓: Moon kakashi said why are you so parinoied? "SIGH" ive met the akatski before and fought with them thats why i ended
up in the leaf in the first place. oh kakashi said , so nobushu what do you trade? oh i trade water wheat wool ETC, oh i said im going to catch up with naruto. i ran ahead , how do you guys walk so fast i dont know sakura said how do you walk so slow 🕶{TECNICAL DIFILLCALTIES PLEASE STAND BY}### IM tireeeeedddd i said me to said naruto and me sakura said ill take the night watch ok they said. 2 hours later} 2 white birds were circling us over head AKATSKI i yelled they all woke up naruto got up did you say ramen NO@!!!! i said AKATS-BOOM there was an explosion , i was slamed into a tree i got up standing there was kisame and itachi.

CHAPTER:15 💔: OMG I SCREAMED HoLy CoW elder brother itachiii he looked suprised i ran up and hugged himi baked up he activated
his sharingon MOON kakashi yelled i looked him in the eye you will come with us really i said i will? I activated my visual jutsu, poor itachi you must be VERY DUMB to think your mother didnt have secrets from you?. OI can i have some help i looked him in the eye he was launted in the air and he landed on his feet my eye had a little drop of blood on it.i winked can i have some help you guys kakashi ran at kisame itachi grabed me and held me upside down HEY IM SHORT DONT TAKE ADVANTEGE OF THAT he slashed my eye you you cut open my scar i said darkly my eyes turned black and itachi droped me and baked up i i i will kill you i said with black chakra bursting from me

CHAPTER: 16 🥀: HAHAHA i soo scared you it always works i said returning to normal . WOW sakura said just woww, WOw sakura chan i think shes even more scary than you!! what did you say ? nothing oh nothing naruto said. How about we quit these games and start the match i said teloporting behind him, fine then he said lets begin.He ran at me and grabbed me i grabbed him and threw him, i ran at him he disollved into crows <moons pov> A clone >back to da story< i whipped around he kiked me and i was slamed againts the wall before he had a chance to get up, he picked me up and threw me really high i dodged a fireball and than launced some kunia knives. back on the ground sakura was healing kakashi and naruto was fighting kisame by himself.<MOON POV> Oh no i need to help him!!. i dived back down and landed in front of naruto just as kisame threw some sleep darts they took effect imidatly. MOON they all yelld why did you save me naruto said. because thats what friends do- i fell over into the darkness.

CHAPTER: 17 ⏳: When i woke up i decided to stay pretending to be asleep i heard itachi talking to kisame <MOONS POV> hmm they must of captured me. but not for long they were talking about other akatski members i didnt care untill i heard my name,i wonder why she would save naruto i dont know kids are dumb somtimes well itachi said, atleest we got one. they were eating dumplings and i was kind hungry ..... UMMM sorry to ruin your moment but was i suposed to hear any of that and can i have some dumplings im hungry
🥺 since when did you - kiasame started calm down kiasame we can just sedate her again i telleported i just dont think thats kind i said. you hurt me i hurt you i built up my chakra and sat down- ummmm arent you scared- nope i said you guys are weak lol but oo its late i should ge going but thank you. i was verry sick. i telleported near the leaf and stumbled in. the leaf gaurds saw my condition and gasped . get me to lady Tsunade but- NOW i yelled they took me to the hokages house i explained every thing i think im loosing lots of blood i said get her to the hospital room. i was esscorted to the hospital oh naruto i hope you make it.

CHAPTER: 18 🖤: MOOOONNNNN naruto yelled moon... i cant believe she did that.. she saved us i cant i just- naruto kakashi said she'll be fine shes tough but now we have to report back to lady tsunade BUT WE GOT TO SAVE HER naruto yelled!!!! naruto sakura said lets go. Fine he said lets go ,<akatski vision> How did she escape kisame yelled dont worry itachi said i put a tracking device on her, Ya VeRry HELPfUll. jinjourikis smin smur ikies kiasame said, so should we go after her itachi? no he said to get her we will need reinforcements we should go back to the base and report of what happend. They will be dissopointed kiasame said. 🥲 *Heart* days later> So ??? said you failled to capture the nine tails but got the 12 tailed than lost her? yes itachi said , we need backup she with-standed my sharingon. hmm fine ???/mysterious persone said. We will send dediara and tobi to get the jinjourikis, Yay dediara sempia we get a mision,sounds good pain we will get those jinjourikis

CHAPTER:19 🌺: Finaly naruto said we're back lets go report to lady tsunade , kakashi said. {knock knock} come in lady tsunade said kakashi walked in we are reporting he said-oh lady tsunade said no need moon already told me moons h~hear naruto said yup but she is in the surgeri room she is loosing lots of blood, oh my sakura said we think she drank her own blood to survive. thats kinda gross sakura said. Not gross if your me moon said limping in- moon they all yelled we thought you where gone- oh come on im not that bad. i can escape almost anything even your dumb anubu black-opps. 2 masked men burst into the room, lady tsunade they panted she got out- oh they said there you are they reached for me, DONT touch me i hissed. they flinched,anyways now do we have any missions im ready to go!! oh no tsunade said she called in 13 anubu black ops,They closed in on me i tried to fight them off but they grabed me. HEY THIS IS NOT FAIR i yelled as they draged me off to the medical room.

CHAPTER:20 🌀:<@2weeks later@> Your guys next mission is to head out to help asumas squad with the akatski, sounds hmm hard. GO now quick before the situation gets worse!!!! Yes mam do we have all our ninja tools yup we all said. lets go quickly ok ok kakashi said
ok so we have to go north for 1 hour and we'll be their ok lets go <1 hour later cuz im lazy srry> right as hidan stabbed himself and killed asuma sensi i jumped in and said Who needs some help >D so who do we kill naruto said? kill them both shikumora said darkley the two other genin ninja were being strangled by hands from another akatski member. Naruto charged at the guy who killed asuma sensi the other guy charged at kakashi and he said wow i guess ill be getting lots of money to day . kakashi sensi dodged his punch i went over to try to get the hand thingys off of the other genin, naruto screamed and fell over dead or unconcious? i fell over to every one looked at me i got up with black chakra bursting from me and one tail growing from my chakra this time i couldent controll it.

CHAPTETER:21 ❤‍🔥: i looked up and smiled watch who you hurt next time i said in an eerie voice.. i ran at him he turned arouned oooo he said a jinjouriki i launched into the air and launced a chakara bone at him he rolled out of the way i laned with a crash and spun around on him i ran super fast around him and in the dust i jumped out and scratched his face it emeditly the wound froze i saw kakashi inching closer with somthing in his hand i rounded on him and charged snariling i tried to hit him he dodged and threw kuni knives at me they hit my chakara shield i growled dont interfeer kakashi i said or it might get a little messie- i ran at the other akatski memeber and he stayed where he was he tried to punch me one of my 3 tails slashed his arm off it froze instantly. kakashi ran up behind we i whirled around he slapped a piece of paper on my forhead my black chakara dissapered i fell over kakashi catched me calm down moon he said, that wasent me i said that was kurama some how we're linked.

CHAPTER:22 🐾: i need to do somthing real quick,i said hand me a knife i said he gave me one, i stabbed myself in the stomach i yelped but the other akatski member[hidan] fell over, How do you like the worst version of your jutsu, But how he said, when i cut you it froze and slowly was killing you i said, now it will freeze you internely not even you mr.pain butt can survive this but should i take care of him too i said pointing to kazuku sure kakashi said i dont care i tranformed into a black wolf and dissapered and reapeard behind him he ran grabed hidan his slowly freezing body and dissapeared grr i said they got awaay!!!!!<akatski vision> ugh that jinjouriki girl realy hurt me hidan said i lost a arm from her!! lets just teloport to the hideout hidan said. they teloported inside the hide out. WOaH kiasame and toby said what happend to you?? A dumb jinjouriki wolf girl did it we almost had the nine tails but they had a conection and the girl went ballistik. oh you got beaten by a girl?,pain said dont mock him i fought her and she is very strong,itachi commented so how are we going to catch her pain said we should all go get them,toby said good plan for once oh thank you dedaira sensi, i take it back dederai said.

CHAPTER:23 🦴: So now what, sakura said,we go to lady tsunade tell her what happend and preapere for our next mission.ok so lets goooo i said, Im not carying naruto though sakura said im not kakashi said,FINE ill carry him,HE Is So HeVy i yelled. when we arrived at the leaf i carried naruto to lady tsuunade, :EXPLAINS: so now do we go on a mission or.... How about they stay here iruka said sure they mite be strong but with the akatski and all that he mummbled.... So you will stay here and train and rest tsunade said. sounds nice i said happly<12:00 SHARP-> So dedira said toonight we strike get the jinjouriki girl and get out? Yup pain said, Tobi is ready,tobi said lets go><sorry this chapter is so short 🥺-MOON>

CHAPTER:24 💧: Just as i <MOON> turned over there was a bang and i saw 9 white birds and red cloaks 9 people jumped off and my door burst open and pain was standing there i broke the window and jumped out i ran out of the ally way to the center of town was snagged by somthing on my arm it was a hand??? another burst out of the ground another one grabbed my neck the 9 akatski members jumped down frrom the white birds, Looks like we got you dederia said i snareled i realised that my feet hadent been snagged i jumped into the air and i was pulled back by the hand on my neck i landed with a crash hidan jumped on me i tried to bite him but mised he held a wolf tranquiliser he stabbed it into my neck i yelped. NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!! i screamed he saw me and turned to come help but i was allready asleep MOON he yelled. well looks like we should go itachi said they got me into the bird and carryed me away naruto gased after me.I will save you moon i wont loose another friend,

CHAPTER:25 🕳: KAKASHI naruto yelled they got moon, Oh my kakashi said it was the whole akatski? we got to go get her<<sakura and sai came running up>'> Wheres moon shes not in her house naruto looked up what do ya think happened to her he said pointing at the limp figure in the birds tallons, oh no sakura said, so she can knock out 3 anubu-black ops but not like 2 akatski memberes? Actully they all were here. so We have to go after her sakura said, i will send a bird to lady tsunade. ok the lets go they jumped onto a branch closely tailing the akatski dedera now! yelled pain my art is an EXPLOSION dedara yelled #clasic> The branch exploded causing other trees to fall over.shadow clone jutsu naruto yelled 20 clones flung them out of the rubble they kept tailing them hmm they dodged it dedera said uhh kiasame can you make a water wall sure water stile water wall jutsu a huge wall rose out of the ground filled with electric eels,team 7 stopped gazing after them naruto when moon first arrived did you put that traking device on her? Yes kakashi she nearly bit my finger off good kakashi said now we can track her with my sharringon. AhHhHhHhH,tobi screamed, what is it toby? ShE AlMoSt Ate My HaNd, well duh just cuz shes sleeping dosent mean she cant sense you, she looked so soft though.

CHAPTER:26🌑: No no no no no no NO STUPID WALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLREEEE<technical diffilcalties :/> hey naruto kakashi can track her renember? oh right right kakashi can you find a way around the wall, can you see one? i think we can go under it lets goo than sakura punch the ground!!!, her punch made a perfect hole okay sai you go first, Why me just go naruto yelled .Its safe sai yelled they all got through the musty tunnel, Kakashi do you see them? no but i can track them. Hmm looks like they got through my wall...............DeDeRa SeMpAi tobi yelled her cheek marks are turning black... and oh look there is glowing blood to? OOO theres a glowing on the ground to!! Woah what is that kakashi said,it looks like a wolf .............. and its coming closer, Oh i renember moon said if a wolf aproches you and stays there it wants you to follow it!!good renembering sai its running lets follow it<45 min later> we have been following this for 45 minutes and it led us to a cliff!!!!???? look naruto said i think its pointing somewhere,hmm dosent that wall look strange to you kakashi sensai? it kinda does...CHIDORI he yelled the rocks broke open reveiling dedera and tobi sitting on moon.

CHAPTER:27 🧭: So you finally got here dedera sneered,Do you know who your sitting on?? naruto said angerly. oh just a dead jinjourikii girl he touched my cheek, i snapped at it, WHAT dedera said jumping of me i growled. you never touch a sleeping wolf i said darkly,how did you survive he screamed,you know how i have these marks on my cheeks you never got my tailed-beast because i took it out,and now i will kill you i said turning into a 10 tailed monster thingy.i ran at him kicking dust up as i went, ahhhhhhh tobi yelled running away , kakashi jumped in my way i jumped over him,dont get in my way or ill kill you to.and then all of a sudden toby touched me on the back going through my cloak and i collapsed he was in my mind.woa (TOBY POV) he said he entered a memorie of me siting on a bench alone humming a sad tune,then he saw one of me piking up a ball that had rolled over to me, a couple of kids looked at me then the ball then me again the screamed adults a women came out saw me and slashed me with a knife thats how she got her scarr,FREAK the kids yelled and that night 3 kids went missing but toby was being forced out by the cold but one last memorie flashed by her loked in a burning room on the night of the uciha clans murder.

CHAPTER:28 🍥: i gasped i was in a medical room with a window the sun was shining naruto and kakashi looked at me with curiosity wut, i said well its just that when you collapsed it looked as if you couldnt see real from fake.{7 weeks later } team 7 tsunade said we have a positive mark to were sauske is about a two day trip go now,jeez i get it its sauske but like come on dont yell at us,lets go naruto said running through the trees.about an hour later we reached a stream and stopped i whipped around and saw sauske and ochumoru expeliamus i yelled o wait dis aint harry potter{TECHNICAL ISSUES } so moon was youre name ocumoru hissed , very powerfull would you care to join us a paper bomb almost hit ocumoru in the head oi kakashi yelled moon cmone uhh im kinda already found them i through kunai knives at them they dodged and sausuke kiked me against a tree kakashi was trying to beet ocumoru naruto was helping sakura out of a genjutsu sausuke walked twards me he had broken my ribs and i couldent move. sauske clicked his sword and went around me and twords naruto who was trying to help sakura just as sauske was about to stab naruto i telloported in front so he stabbed me through the chest not heart chest OoOfF i groaned like can you not??

CHAPTER:29 🍀: all of a sudonn i was in a room i knew it was a genjutsu but i didnt care, So sauske said how did you survive itachi oh well i mean,i said all i remember is that there was fire spreading all around my room my world so bright it was hard to breath but it was all right realeese i said but i was realy in a room it was tinted and scaley,heh i already took you to his hidout he said*Heart*0 min later> i lay on the ground brused and bleeding huh still aint telling me,Well i said you cant break whats already broken.

CHAPTER:30♋: So sauske where exactly am i,i commented.Well you're somwhere in orchumorus hide out . oh is that why its so scally and slimy and spoopy (spoopy means spookie and stuppy is stupid} ya know what can you take me back to the others so i can atleast watch the fight? fine lets go, he grabed my arm and we kinda disolved. when we arived,there was blood every where.kakashi was lying on the ground sakura was out of chakara and cornered by kabuto,and ochumoru was stepping on naruto.kakashi and sakura were looking at me and naruto was unconshions. All of a sudden i fell over in the grass,sauske looked alarmed but ochumoru and kabuto were not eving watching us.<So i decided to start using a couple swears notheng too badd though and proboly almost never> sauske bent down and asked are you ok? i smilled a deadly smile, maybe but sometimes , im just a sick bish phsyco path! i grabbed him and threw him down the slope.

CHAPTER:31 ♈: this caught ochumorus atention, he whipped around,but i was gone i was

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