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by Norman
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He even learned to read the notes
He learned to play the xylophone
when he was just a boy.
He got it as a Christmas gift;
it was his favorite toy.

But when he was in middle school
he played the banjo, too.
He even learned to read the notes
as one would have to do.

That opened up the music doors.
He made himself a bet -
he’d learn to play more instruments,
like flute and clarinet.

He soon was playing violin,
and he was pretty good.
He even bought a beat-up harp
and practiced when he could.

And he could play the tuba, too,
the fife and piccolo.
In fact he played most any kind
of instrument you know.

He wanted to try everything
to hear the music ring.
But what he wanted most of all?
He wished that he could sing.

But singing wasn't his forte,
his voice was hoarse and flat.
And when he hit the highest notes
he sounded like a cat.

You never heard a voice that bad;
I hope you never do.
The sounds he made were pitiful -
like playing the kazoo.

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