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by Norman
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Just then the sun broke through the clouds
I was walking in the rain today
and getting soaking wet,
reflecting on the life I’ve had
and people I have met.

Some of them were friends of mine,
some I may have wronged.
I hoped they can forgive me now;
it’s been so very long.

Some I never knew too well.
I didn’t take the time.
and when I think about that now,
that was my biggest crime.

I had some days of glory, too,
but some that I regret .
I still remember dear ones lost.
No, those I won't forget.

I’d wandered for some hours then,
got drenched right to the bone.
Damned if I knew where I was.
I should have brought my phone.

Just then the sun broke through the clouds;
the sky was getting light.
I saw a rainbow in the east -
that made me feel alright.

My mood had shifted with the clouds.
The sunshine made me smile.
In fact, I felt much better than
I had in quite a while.

I’ve had a long and fruitful life
with many happy years.
The good times and the blessings
far outnumbered any tears.

I turned around and headed home,
just glad to be alive.
In spite of all the ups and downs,
I did somehow survive.

I made a promise to myself
to make more time for friends.
And if I had wronged anyone?
Well, I’d have to make amends.

You only get one time around
so you’d better do it right.
Get past the dark and rainy days;
embrace the warming light.

Yes, even on a rainy day
with dark clouds all around,
maybe if you have some luck
a rainbow can be found.

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