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by Duckie
Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Adult · #2256777
Stuck in a dream is a constant battle we have with ourself when it comes to change in life
Stuck in a dream

When I look up, the sky feels empty
So beautiful, so close, yet so far the feeling.
Fighting logic with imagination at a constant.
I take a path with no footprints,
Fearing something that is unknown.

When I look behind I already know the feelings.
My mind is slipping wanting to live in the past.
The pure thought of knowing what has already happened brings comfort.
The things I could change if I turned around and walked it again.
The fear of the unknown path, clouding my mind.

imagination takes me closer to the clouds,
reality wants to take the path I’ve already taken.
feelings like a never ending stair case, that Lead me to the clouds.

Will I ever reach the clouds or will I stay in a path, that I already taken?

When I get to the clouds and capture my dream, will I be content, or go on another adventure to reach what may be beyond the clouds?

How beautiful it would be to see the places that you will never see.
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