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Simple rhyming poem about cats
Cat Towers

Welcome to Cat Towers
It’s a very special place
It’s occupied by felines
And the odd human face.

There’s Kitty, Sam and Oliver,
Ginger and Smokey, who’s grey,
They live a life of luxury,
With nothing to do all day.

Except eat and sleep
And have a wander round
There are lots of toys to play with
And treats to be found.

Soft, comfy cushions
To lie on and snooze
These pampered cats are so lucky
They can do just as they choose.

The lady of the house
Is at their beck and call
Seeing that they come to no harm
And no hardships befall.

She reads them a bedtime story
About a feisty street cat,
They listen in bewilderment
Thinking “I couldn’t be like that!”

Their’s is a different lifestyle
Of pampering and ease
They are the aristocats of Cat Towers
Doing nicely if you please.
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