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A poem of reflection, asking the single question, “What do we own to ourselves?”.
Living for achievements
Try to stake a claim
Just faking all our smiles
And stowing away our shame
I hate this ceaseless misery
I hate to wear these chains
That rattle in anxiety
Drowning me in pain

We are not living life
And everything I see
Every title and accomplishment
Means nothing to me
Working hard to get there
And yet it’s still vanity
There is only one thing I want
And that is to be free

Free from the mindsets
We’ve come to be conditioned
Because Truth is so much greater
Than our fabricated missions
Bored of all the titles
Tired of religions
Head upon a plaque
Like a trophy mount, envisioned

Displayed there in stature
Slowly collecting dust
You place your faith, it fades away
No value which to trust
Feel the hesitation
Panic in a rush
Brain inside a box that’s caught
It’s so hard to adjust

Try to shake it once again
This foolishness of deed
For anything outside of love
Has no fruit in it’s seeds
An attaboy at best
But it’s nothing to concede
Toss it to the wayside
And there’s nothing left but weeds

All that you have done
What was it you obtained
Did you finally reach your dreams
Or is it someone else’s fame
Was it worth to live a lie
Shackled and enchained
To think of all that you have done
Yet you still live ashamed

Everything was focused
Roads already paved
Ordained inspirations
Societal praise
Distraction on distraction
A rat within a maze
Efforts at full throttle
Just to have a pretty grave

The dead bury the dead
Economies collapse
Earthquake in the mindset
As you try to gain a grasp
Steady, keep your focus
Try not to relapse
For dreams can fade away
And you may never get them back

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