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by zeal
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a king sends his 10 children to arranged marriages with the royalty of magic kingdoms
Another self-indulgent l very messed up little story that i will uptade in a non-regular schedule,i may transform this in an interactive before my paid membership runs out

the plot is simple , a mighty king of a human kingdom sends(sells) most of his children to the heirs of 10 different kingdoms of magic creatures, 5 female heirs and 5 male heirs, 5 sons and 5 daughters, of course, half of them will be homosexual,

8 of the king`s offsprings will be exaggerated, too passive and submissive, too naive and meek or too spiteful and spoiled,, they will be used mostly for smut: maledom, femdom, bdsm, gore, paws, humiliation, mind-breaking, etc

but 2 will be actual characters, while there is definitely going to have smut, there will also be a greater focus on romance, story, and fluff

the heirs:

Albert: teenager werepoodle heir of the throne of the kingdom of celeste

wakam: young adult wereshark princess of the kingdom of Ragan

ravana: young adult raksha prince of the kingdom of samrajy

vukazi: teenager were spoted hyena princess of the kingdom buso

yazaru: teenager red furred kitsune prince of the kingdom of oku

Lochi : young adult were honey badger princess of gist
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