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Looking back in time can be fun with a little help, just forgive yourself.
Memories and Wine

Everyone aches to revisit the past.
Memories can be strawberry wine,
Sweeter with an eraser of time.
Remove a bitter twist, imagine sublime.

If and when I had walked another way.
Fairy tales come true, asking genie to play.
Sprinkle pixie dust and rub a magic cup,
a happy ending arrives to stay.

Don’t believe a word of this rhyme.
Whatever turn you took had its crime.
Cover it up, brush it off, it’s only dirt.
Most of us end up getting a little hurt.

Mom’s high standards never last.
Like Lenox china from the past.
Supermarket plates don’t matter if they break.
Throw them away, you didn’t empty the bank.

Life is full of possible doors. Carefully pick.
Under each a colored light shines.
Ah, the gold beckons, but it sticks.
Don’t pull too hard, maybe it’s a trick.

Life is like a casino, for real.
Never know when you spin that wheel.
Every minute a mistake drops in.
You have to blow just right to make the win.

Someday when you look back, wonder.
Did small mistakes pull you under?
Fuzzy memories treat us so tender.
So, rest easy in soft grass and surrender.

By Kathie Stehr

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